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Four Essential Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Blog, Digital Marketing | 0 comments


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Optimised your Google Business Listing to generate more local leads

You’re the expert in your industry and people hire you for your expertise. It’s the same with digital marketing. Google makes thousands of changes to it’s search algorithm every year, and each change means that your website is assessed and ranked in slightly different ways. Taking your business to the next level means partnering with the right agency to utilise the digital marketing strategies that will work for your business in order to bring in genuine leads online.

So what are the key digital marketing strategies to include in your growth framework that can help increase your business turnover?

Website Design

A quality website is one of the top three factors that influence a customer when choosing a business – a careful balance of beauty, strategy and functionality. Your website needs to be engaging, responsive, fast to load – and most importantly, make it easy for customers to pick up the phone and call you. One of the key benefits a website adds to your business is the perception it creates for anyone who views the site. What kind of reputation could a modern website bring to your business? 

Over 50% of all searches are done on a mobile device nowadays, so getting your mobile responsiveness right goes a long way to giving your customers the confidence to take action. If they can’t use your website easily on the device of their choice, then customers are more likely to leave and find a competitor. The same goes for if your website is starting to look and feel outdated – imagine what your customers must think if they open up your website and see a page that hasn’t kept up with the times. They might assume your business hasn’t kept up with modern practices either.

solar pool heating web site design

More than anything, you need to invest in ongoing maintenance for your website. Leaving a website unattended for long periods of time can mean it can potentially break or be targeted.

 Your website needs to be protected against: 

  • Outdated technology
  • Potential hacks
  • Security breaches
  • Malware and viruses

Think of it like buying a top of the line car, but not insuring it – you wouldn’t spend all that money and then not protect your investment.

Organic SEO

An important component of digital marketing is organic SEO and the process of getting recognised by the search engines. SEO can put you at the top of the Google search results for the keywords your ideal customers are using when they’re ready to take action. More customers who are actively ready to book, or buy, directly translates to an increase in work and, by extension, a better result for your business.

There are many benefits to optimising your website with SEO, though the main ones are:

  • Higher ROI – leads generated from SEO are 8.5 times more likely to buy from you
  • Ranking on search engines – stop getting out-competed by your competitors by optiming for what people are searching for
  • Increased brand awareness – once you start to rank, your customers will be seeing your business name in all areas of the Google search results page
  • Competitive advantage – having your business found in the top three spots on the Google search results is a subconscious – but key- trust factor for a lot of customers
  • Long-lasting results – organic results are typically less fickle and more long-standing than other strategies, making it the best for long-term growth

Paid Ads

PPC ad strategies allow you to get very specific with who you want to see the ad – or even who you don’t want to see the ad. This means that the people who do see it are the most qualified and likely to book your services or buy your product. There are several different types of paid ads that can be utilised, such as search ads that appear on the Google search results page, display ads that appear as images on other ad-enabled websites (such as blogs), Youtube ads, or retargeting strategies that can combine all of these.

Utilising a paid ads management agency is key to visibility and quality in your campaign. An ads manager knows all the key details in crafting and maintaining ads, such as the quality score, ranking score, and fluctuations in click pricing. 

paid ads

Your campaign should also be set up so that you control your ad spend separately to the management fee – some less transparent agencies can set this up as one payment, which means if they decrease the ad spend (and increase the management fee) you might never know. As well as Google ads, a paid ads strategy can include various other platforms. Our paid ads managers have experience with Microsoft ads (on Bing) which are set up similarly to Google Ads, and social media ads (such as LinkedIn and Facebook Ads) that have similar audience-targeting features.

Local SEO

When it comes to powerful marketing techniques for local businesses, a Google Business Profile can be the answer you’re looking for. Whether you have a physical business or an online presence, you can create a Google Business Profile and be seen in the Maps search, which is separate to the main Google search page. Appearing in Maps search can be key for many industries (dental, physiotherapy, veterinarians, etc), as customers are unlikely to travel more than 10-15 minutes from their home or office. Utilising your Google Business Profile will put you on the map, directly in their line of sight – above the competitors.

Not only that, a Google Business Profile caters largely to customer experience. From this position in either Google or Maps search results, a customer can easily see key details about your business – such as the opening hours and days of your business, a snapshot of products and services, and reviews which work to build trust from the customers perspective. Additionally, a Google Business Profile makes it easy for a customer to take action, with the phone number, website and online booking options occupying key spots at the top of the profile.

Where To From Here?

Utilising any one, or a combination, of these strategies can improve your online presence in front of the clients who are ideal for your business. Specifically targeting this ideal segment is the best way to generate an increase in qualified leads that are primed to utilise your product or service.

If you recognise that digital marketing is an essential part of your growth strategy, Digital Surfer’s goal is to partner with you to take our business to the next level and increase your turnover from $1 million to $5 million or $5 million to $10 million. Get in touch with us today to discuss how a partnership will enhance your business growth – the longer you wait, the further you fall behind, so start making waves now.

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