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Four Things That Will Impact Your Google Business Listing Rankings

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Blog, Digital Marketing, Local SEO | 0 comments


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Optimised your Google Business Listing to generate more local leads

Your Google Business Listing is the most important factor in deciding which businesses make their way into the top 3 spots in the Google Maps Pack. This position is hugely beneficial as local customers can pinpoint your business venue on the map which can ultimately result in more store visits, more web traffic, and more revenue.


Luckily, there’s some things you can do to optimise your business listing and increase your chances of being featured. Here are the top four factors on your Google Business Listing that influence your rankings:

Your Business Name

The name of your business has a lot to do with how highly you rank locally on Google. Businesses with keywords in the title that describe the exact type of product or service you sell, and the location you target will perform significantly better in GMB than those that are more obscure. For example, we’ve made sure to update our business name on our GMB from simply “Digital Surfer” to “Digital Surfer SEO Company & website design gold coast”.

optimise google business listing with keyword
optimise google business listing product categories

Your Categories

Make sure you have your business listed in a primary category that’s relevant to what you sell. You can add additional related categories which also help improve your rankings. Google tends to update their categories regularly and make 2-10 changes per month. New categories are being added all the time, so you’ll want to keep an eye on this and update your own categories accordingly to ensure you remain in the most relevant and specific category for your business.

Your Website

The website page you decide to link your GMB to will also have a big impact on your rankings. Most businesses tend to link to the homepage which is effective, however, if you have multiple locations, you should consider linking to a location page instead. Likewise, if you have many different products or services, try and link these to the specific page on your website.

google business listing website link
google reviews optimisation

Your Google Reviews

Reviews have a direct impact on how well you rank with your GMB. Quality and quantity are essential – if you have a lot of favourable reviews then Google is more likely to recognise you as a relevant business in your industry and reward you with a high ranking. While you won’t be able to control what customers say about your business, reviews with relevant keywords in them will also help you to rank better. It’s also important to respond to each review you get, especially any negative one you might receive – both for Google’s benefit, and customer experience.

Improve Your GMB Ranking with Digital Surfer

If you need help optimising your business to help you rank higher on Google, give Digital Surfer a call today. As a leading digital marketing agency, we work with medium to large businesses all over Australia to create customised SEO strategies that improve your web traffic, increase your phone calls, and help you land more sales. 

Our talented SEO strategists specialise in organic SEO, local SEO, digital marketing strategies, web design, paid ads campaign and more. Get in touch with us today and discover how we can help you to boost your GMB rankings, get found by local customers and grow your business faster.

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