As a business owner, the question of how to best spend your marketing dollars has likely kept you up at night, on more than one occasion. You ponder on things like whether small business SEO is worth the investment.

You can’t help it. Your deepest desire is to see your business bloom while supporting all your staff and buying your family a life of freedom. That’s why you work as hard as you do.

You’re smart and savvy when it comes to finding a good deal with your suppliers, but when it comes to marketing, you often feel stumped.

You’ve chatted with your friends and they have used various digital marketing methods with various levels of success. They might make some recommendations but the question of whether you can part with your hard earned money so easily still circles around in your head.

After all, you’ve heard of as many great outcomes as you have catastrophic ones. The world of SEO, paid ads and online marketing receives many mixed reviews and it seems to you like there are many agencies who are out to take your money without delivering the service.

This article will help put your mind at ease by giving you the tools you need to work out if it is all worth it for your business. We’ll dive deep into the can of worms that i