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If you’re a business in Brisbane, generating leads in your local area is very important. These are the customers who are within your community and looking to hire or buy from businesses that they trust. 

The best way to do this is by using your Google Business Listing to enhance your local SEO. Doing this will make it more likely for you to get found online by the customers who are searching. 

Why should I be focusing on local leads?

These types of leads are great value for any business. These types of leads usually come from someone who has found your Google Business Listing or directory listing, and has chosen your business after doing their research. These leads are ready and willing to buy or use your service.

Not only that, but customers in your local area will often share word-of-mouth recommendations of your business to their friends, family, or even online. This can be great exposure for your business that digital marketing strategies can’t orchestrate.

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How can you generate more local leads?

Google displays Google Business Listings to a customer on the basis of three main factors – how relevant your listing is to the search term, your proximity to the searcher, and how prominent, or active, your listing is.

So, start by optimising your Google Business Listing. Make sure every section is filled out with as much detail as you can, and make sure to include relevant keywords for your business wherever possible. These keywords are the terms that people are typing in to find businesses like yours, so the more you mention them the more likely Google will pick you up as relevant to that search. 

This also includes making sure that your address or service areas are properly filled out and verified. Doing this will ensure that Google is able to determine this proximity factor with some accuracy – after all, you don’t want to search for a plumber in Spring Hill and get a result from Logan. 

Once your listing is completely filled out, you need to make sure that you’re being active. This means making posts regularly (incorporating those keywords), and both receiving and replying to reviews. This interaction tells Google that you’re an active business online, which they will favour over ‘dead’ listings that haven’t been updated in two years and for all they know, have been abandoned. 

Of course, a local SEO strategy isn’t solely focused on a Google Business Listing, but this is a large part that can provide quality results for your Brisbane business (when you rank high enough to be seen in the Maps Pack or on Google Maps itself). Other aspects like citations and social media can play a huge part in attracting leads in your local area. 

To put it simply, when done well local SEO can be a great investment for your business that will help you gain the local leads that you need. Contact our team today for a chat about using local SEO to generate local leads for your business today.