Physio SEO: How SEO Can Boost Your Physiotherapy Practice

As a physiotherapist with a growing business and professional website, the importance of having a Physio SEO optimised site cannot be overstated.

Times have changed. Back in the day, our parents turned to the phone book for professional help. These days, we turn to the internet. When we need help, we type our location and find the best professionals in our area based on the top search results. This is called organic search.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about enhancing the visibility and searchability of a website in organic search so the site appears high in the results. The higher it appears, the greater the chance that someone will click on it and discover your Physio practice.


How Physiotherapists Benefit From SEO Increased Traffic

Part of SEO involves creating high-quality content with the right meta-descriptions, title, and title tags.

These descriptions and titles show up in organic search listings and is seen by the potential client, and when clicked, increase a site’s traffic. This increases the likelihood of connecting with people looking for your Physio services.

Return On Investment

SEO provides comprehensive analytics that makes it easy to track aspects such as website visits and other important actions for your business at the granular level.

This means physiotherapists can be able to obtain comprehensive data on the different paths users took to land on their site e.g. from social media, forums etc.

In the case of organic search – SEO tools can provide data on the keywords that were used to find the Physio site as well as demographic information such as nationality, age, sex etc. of the users.

This makes it easy to plan and determine the effectiveness of an SEO campaign as well as to adjust it accordingly depending on a business’s goals.

Cost Effective

Compared to paid advertising, SEO is cheaper in both the short and long term and has a much greater impact in terms of organic results. (this content/sentence is to feature in an orange box, as seen in the what is seo blog)

One study determined that organic search produced a whopping 64 percent of web traffic. Compared to paid advertisements, as a physiotherapist, you are guaranteed sustainable search results since SEO campaigns target users searching specifically for your services.

Should you decide to stop SEO (not recommended) you’ll still have quality content, backlinks, optimised descriptions etc. to generate significant organic traffic for a considerable time.

With paid advertising, however, you need a significant budget to keep the campaign going for years otherwise you risk losing a vast chunk of your traffic overnight once the campaign is halted.