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Why it’s important to have an SEO company to keep up with Google changes

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Blog, SEO | 0 comments


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Keep up with Google 

If search engine optimisation (SEO) feels like a mystery and the last thing you have time to keep up with when running your business, we can help. 

You may have a fantastic website, but so do your competitors. 

Having a great website and useful content is no longer enough if you want to be found by new customers. You need to stand out online. 

We can help you do just that.

Why should I care about Google changes?

10 years ago, Google search averaged 300 to 400 changes per year. 

In 2020 Google search made 4500 changes! That’s a lot for the average business owner to keep up with. 

We stay on top of Google changes and help our clients, by crafting website content and using other SEO strategies we know will ensure your business ranks well. 

Google makes thousands of changes to it’s search algorithm every year, and each change means that your website is assessed and ranked in slightly different ways. To remain on top of the search results, your website needs to be consistently updated to ensure you’re meeting each of these new criteria.

Do you really have time for that?

google business listing results
local seo strategy

My business is online, doesn’t that automatically mean customers will find me?

Unfortunately not. 

Having a website is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to being found online. The criteria for ranking is very nuanced and you need an active strategy that understands and responds to the Google search algorithm.

Our expert SEO strategists can help you craft a unique strategy to achieve the results you’re looking for. We will ensure your website receives the attention it needs, and make sure your business can be found by the customers who are looking. This means identifying keywords your customers are searching for and using them on your website.

What is the benefit of hiring an SEO agency? 

We understand SEO and keep on top of the many changes Google makes so that you don’t have to. 

Digital marketing and SEO are what we do every day. We can create website pages and blogs for you efficiently and effectively, so you can focus on what you do best in your business. As part of our campaigns we’re constantly monitoring what’s happening with the Google algorithm and updating your website to ensure you’re at the forefront of what the industry is doing.

This means you’re also in the best position to be shown on page one for the terms customers are using when they search. Think about it – if you need a plumber or a new pair of shoes, what do you do? Chances are the first thing you do is a Google search. Do you scroll to page 5? Probably not, and neither will your prospective customers. The trick is to be on page 1. You can pay for Google advertising to achieve this, or you can naturally appear on page 1 using SEO.

How can Digital Surfer help? 

You are the expert in your industry and people hire you for your expertise. It’s the same with SEO. 

Digital Surfer is an SEO and Digital Marketing agency servicing medium to large businesses across Australia including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney. Our passion is ensuring you get more calls, bookings and profit in the bank. We do this via organic SEO, local SEO (SEO for Google Maps) and other services including Digital marketing strategies, web design and paid ads campaign management.

hire seo agency to increase leads

We inspire your new customers to take action 

We also know appearing on page 1 on Google is not enough. You need your prospects to click on your website, so we focus on the right words to use so your prospective customers want to click through to find out more.

We do this by writing engaging content for your website, addressing problems and concerns, encouraging your target customers to book your services or buy your product. We also understand how to tag individual web pages, maps and other content, ensuring there are multiple ways for your customers to find you via different links shown for multiple words your prospects may enter via Google search. 

Save yourself some time and put your website in the hands of experts. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your online needs.

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