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Understanding Click-Through-Rates on Google

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Blog, Digital Marketing, Local SEO, SEO | 0 comments


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There are a lot of factors that signify a successful SEO campaign – where you rank, and the click through rate of customers, is a big part of that. Of course, anyone’s primary goal is to be ranked at number one organically, especially since 28.5% of Google users will click this first organic result when they make a search from a mobile phone and that translates to conversions.

However, a number one organic position ranking isn’t always the first thing that’s seen on the page. There are several other factors on the page that can influence where a customer will click, so it pays to be aware of them when working out your online strategy.

Firstly, what does click-through-rate mean?

The click-through-rate is the percentage of customers who click through to your website, versus how many times that keyword was searched. Click-through rate is not just applicable to organic SEO campaigns, but also Local SEO Services Gold Coast and paid ad campaigns.

This is a great metric for measuring the success of your campaign, or more specifically the content of a page. For example, if you’ve achieved a number one ranking and you’re not experiencing a high click through rate, it could be that the information you’re providing isn’t what a customer is looking for – as well as influences from other factors.

What factors can influence organic click-through rate?

Paid Ads

Ads in the google results have become nearly-indistinguishable from the organic results. Aside from the small ‘Ad’ indicator, which can be easy to miss, they’re laid out in much the same manner as the organic search results. Those who may not be as familiar with the page layout or what to look for are more likely to click on these top-of-the-page ads, which leads to less clicks for the organic results.

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Featured snippets

Featured snippets can come in a variety of forms, but most commonly they’re seen as a small panel on the search page that contains the answer to the question you’ve just asked. They can also be seen as the ‘people also ask’ section – both of these types, and the many others, often draw their answers from pages that are ranked lower down or sometimes even on page two. If the answers in these sections answer the question the customer is asking, it can then remove the need for a customer to scroll on and click on the organic results.

How do I improve the overall click-through rate to my website?

The two aspects mentioned that influence click through rate shouldn’t be seen as bad or a detriment to your campaign. Incorporating a paid ad strategy with your organic SEO can go a long way to bridging the gap while your pages are ranking, and ensuring your business has the chance to occupy several different areas of real estate on a page.

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Similarly, getting a featured snippet is also a huge advantage for your business, as this demonstrates that Google considered your website credible and knowledgeable enough to answer the question that your customer is asking. Additionally, not all keywords will have these features, so in some cases there won’t be a snippet or ads to compete with. This is generally seen on secondary or longer tail keywords.

So, in short, there are a range of factors that can influence your organic campaign, and the click through rate that you might experience across various keywords. If you need help with getting your website clicked on online, make sure you reach out to our experienced team. With over 50 years of combined experience, we can help you get found online and improve your click-through-rate from Google.

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