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Services: Optimised web design; local SEO

Where did we start?

In the first discussions with this client, we were able to understand more about how they do business. The client is a forward thinker, and understands that most of their business comes from partnerships with real estate agents. However, they weren’t being found online in a competitive market. The client’s goal is to be competitive online, but not necessarily number one as most of their work comes through offline means – in fact, the client did not think they got any enquiries through Google at all. 

The first thing that would need to be done was to build an optimised website with a focus on customer experience and the main services that the client offers. Optimised content was also created for each page, and the website also included a variety of calculators for customers who were still conducting their research. These factors helped them be seen as an authority in the field, both by customers and Google.

What was our Local SEO strategy?

After the website was rebuilt, the optimised content was also used to flesh out the Google Business Listing. This helps Google understand the business in the best possible way, and reinforces the services. 

Once this was done, Google was starting to connect the brand name with the listing, and by extension the website. This helped them as they were already an established company for many years, and now all the traffic they were getting to the listing translated to increased traffic to the website.

Once the website was complete, next was to create a strategy for Google posts that would support the keywords that were being targeted and drive traffic back to the website. The strategy includes using optimised content from the website, but the client also provides any new and relevant industry articles that they think might be good to use for Google posts. 

As well as providing content ideas, the client is also passionate about customer service, and makes a point to ask for reviews. This is great as it shows Google that customers are interacting with the listing, and is a great tool for user experience as it will help potential customers to decide whether to use the service. The client will also reply to each review, which further tells Google that they’re an active company and listing, and is a factor in being seen above an inactive listing.

The client also provided a large amount of professional photos and put us in contact with their social media manager. This both gives us a large well of additional content to draw from, but also means that we can coordinate posting across multiple channels and ensure that any posts done on other social platforms compliment the local SEO campaign. 

An additional part of the strategy was continually creating optimised citations and local business and niche directories, to give the client an increased web presence and more authority in the eyes of both clients and Google. 


Target Keywords Top 3 by month 7


Target Keywords Position #1 by month 6


increase in new leads from Local SEO per month

Where is this client now?

This client began to see amazing results almost immediately. While we had advised there would be a 6-12 month period before significant changes, their Google local listings went from not found to page one within the first month, with 60% of their keywords sitting in position one after 12 months, and 90% in the top three positions.

The views on this client’s Google business listing have tripled over the last year, with 4172 views in January 2019 to 12,311 views in January 2020. Because of this, the number of click-throughs to the website that this client was receiving has more than doubled in the last 12 months, from 114 in January 2019 to 217 in January 2020.

The client also now regularly receives calls through the Google listing, increasing from 18 in January 2019 to 39 in January 2020 from the listing alone, and other directory listings that have been created.

Additionally, the client has just reached 300 reviews on their listing, with an average of five stars and are the most-reviewed mortgage broker in Brisbane, at the time of writing.

In the future, this client is looking to expand the locations that they cover as they are doing so well in their local area of East Brisbane.

Kerry & the team have been helpful throughout our process and we appreciate the ongoing support they provide

Time Home Loans

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