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Where did we start?

The client has been with us since March 2017. They’re an owner-operated hair loss clinic in Brisbane, focusing on regrowth, replacement and natural treatments.

Initially, they were looking for more clients and leads, however, it’s more profitable for the client to work solo (as opposed to hiring additional staff) so now they’re at their capacity for customers. This means the client isn’t looking to increase their online presence, but maintain the presence they have.

What was our SEO strategy?

We began by adding optimised content to the website for each service the client provides. This was to ensure that the pages performed well in search and that both customers and Google understood the services that were being offered. We also created additional pages to target related searches and keywords to cast a wider net for qualified leads.

As the client has a physical business location (rather than a service area), it made sense to emphasise the services over a location strategy that wasn’t as relevant.

After we moved to a maintenance strategy, there was an additional focus on adding blog content and backlinks to strengthen the authority of the current pages with the intent of really honing in on the targeted keywords for this campaign.

It took a bit of testing and measuring to find the right balance of traditional content and links that would simply maintain the positions, rather than increasing (or dropping off). However, this strategy seemed to hit its stride at the end of 2018.

Recently, the client has been looking to capture the client base of a local competitor that has closed down – we edited an already-ranking blog post to capture traffic looking for the competitor’s business name, which has since become one of the top-ten viewed pages on the site at the time of writing.

Where is this client now?

It took a while for this clients rankings to settle, but we reached the top five positions at the end of 2018, and since then none of the keywords has moved below that – beating larger, nationwide competitors.

The goals that the client was seeing (such as book online or click-to-call) went from 9 in February 2018, up to 96 in February 2019, and remained fairly steady with 87 in February 2020. 

Additionally, the client’s books are consistently full of recurring appointments and new clients.


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