Ecommerce Case Study | 84.9% Increase In Sales In 12 Months!

GC Gift Hampers – Gold Coast Online Store Case Study


Increase in Sales

Huge Drop

in Abandoned Cart rate

Improved UX

resulted in higher conversions

ecommerce seo gold coast

Services: Optimised eCommerce SEO,  Web Design

Where did we start?

This client had a Business Catalyst website that needed to be rebuilt on WooCommerce ahead of the former platform’s shutdown. This process needed to be as smooth as possible so that the client experienced no downtime when customers were placing orders.

Emphasis was placed not only on the visuals of each hamper, but also the ecommerce seo optimisation of each page in terms of content and URL structure. It was also key to ensure that an emphasis was placed on the visuals of each hamper and ensuring a smooth ordering process for clients.

What was our strategy?

The first part of our strategy was to migrate the pages from the Business Catalyst platform to WooCommerce, and by extension, wordpress. This allowed for not only better structure of the pages and easier categorisation (by event, theme, etc), but also it allowed the client to streamline their shipping process.

The design of the new sight was kept relatively similar to the old, so that navigation and visuals were the forefront for any customer placing an order.

ecommerce seo results gold coast

 Where is this client now?

Prior to the new website going live in July of 2020, the client was seeing on average 202 sessions, with spikes in traffic around seasonal holidays or events such as Christmas or Valentines day. After the new website went live, this increased to an average of 762 sessions. In May 2021, this increased again to 938 sessions.

There was also a marked decrease in the abandoned cart rate, as the extra features included on the website contributed to an easier navigation and checkout process.

In December of 2020, the client also saw an 84.9% increase on sales made during December 2019, which is an incredible result.

GC Gifts Before / After

ecommerce websites
ecommerce web design gold coast

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