Google Business Profile & Website Increase

Fire Training Professionals – Brisbane Fire Training Provider Digital Marketing Case Study

801% Increase

in website sessions

31% increase

in new website traffic

Click & Call

increase on Google Business Profile

Where did we start? 

This client was previously working with another business to generate leads, however when that partnership ended the client reached out to us to start digital marketing to advertise their business online. 

The business offers both online and in-person training, leading to a comprehensive local SEO and paid ads strategy.

local seo agency brisbane

What was our strategy?

The strategy for this campaign combined both Local SEO and paid ads. 

To begin, the campaign started with research into the client’s industry and competitors. This information was then used to compile a list of keywords that potential customers were using to search for these services, as well as other areas of interest that the campaign could target. 

From this, the client’s google Business Profile was then completely optimised with fresh content to elaborate on the services offered, and pages added to the site to not only add value to the website in terms of customer experience and organic search, but gave the local strategy extra avenues for post content.

Simultaneous to this, paid Google Ads were being run to the website to target customers who were searching for these fire training services. Dedicated landing pages were created for the ads to land on, providing additional information about the specific services offered in the ads while allowing for detailed traffic and conversion tracking.

google rankings improvement fire training professionals

Where is the client now

Over the three months of the campaign, website clicks from the Google Business Profile increased from 8 a month in April to 13 in July.

Additionally, this campaign saw an 801% increase in sessions on the website during this time, with a 31% increase in new traffic to the website – categorised as visitors who have not been to the website within the last two years. This was a great result for this client.

This client also saw an uptick in goal completions, with significant  increase in goals over the three month course of the campaign – this is particularly notable in click to call completions, which only saw 1 in April 2022 then 5 in July 2022, and direct email clicks which had no competitions in April 2022 but saw 127 competitions in July 2022.

Unfortunately, the client had to end the campaign after only three months however these statistics are a great indicator of how far this business could go online.

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