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VB Designs – Brisbane Graphic Designer Case Study

6 x Keywords

in Position #1


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Google Traffic

Sessions Increase

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Services: Local SEO

Where did we start?

Based in Brisbane, this graphic design agency sought to enhance their online lead generation efforts. While enjoying positive word-of-mouth engagement, they recognised the need to expand their online reach and establish a stronger digital presence.

The campaign commenced in October 2021, with a focus on increasing local traffic and bolstering their online visibility. To achieve these goals, a comprehensive strategy was developed, incorporating relevant keywords and placing a strong emphasis on optimising their Google Business Profile to encourage customer actions.

Through targeted efforts and strategic execution, we worked alongside the agency to elevate their online presence and attract a steady flow of potential clients from their local area. They saw great results, driving significant growth and capturing the attention of their target audience.

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digital marketing for graphic design agency
graphic design case study

What was the strategy of this campaign?

The SEO strategy started by engaging in a detailed discussion with the client to refine their service offerings and determine the primary geographical focus. While they provide services in both the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Brisbane was prioritised as the main target area.

Extensive research was conducted to analyse the client’s competitors and understand the industry landscape. This allowed us to compile a comprehensive list of potential keywords and identify any necessary website adjustments to align it with industry standards.

The Google Business Profile played a crucial role in our strategy. It was revitalised by incorporating additional services from the newly added website pages. To strengthen the proximity search, we implemented a location strategy, creating dedicated pages for each key service area and suburb. Once these key locations were covered, we devised an informational strategy, creating informative blog posts that not only attract Google searchers but also grab attention through the Google Business Profile.

With these optimisations in place, we developed a content plan to leverage the website content and promote the services through the Google Business Profile. This approach maximised our client’s online visibility, enhanced their brand authority, and drove targeted traffic to their website.

local seo brisbane

Where is this client now?

The client began their campaign in October of 2021, and since then has been going from strength to strength. 

The content being added to the website is improving the range of keywords the website is ranking for – 14 of the 17 targeted keywords are on page one, with 6 of those in position one as well.

Additionally, the client has seen some great results from the improvements and strategy put into the Google Business Profile. Clicks to the website have remained steady, with 24 in October 2021 to 26 in April 2023, with a peak of 33 in several of the months between. Additionally, traffic to the site from Google has increased from 177 sessions in October 2021 to 190 in April 2023.

seo results for graphic design agency Brisbane

Visit website: vbdesigns.com.au

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