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Ice Cap – Gold Coast Commercial Refrigeration Local SEO Case Study

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Where did we start? 

When we were first approached by this client, they had an older website with only a small amount of content on it. They weren’t being found online and in their competitive market, this was a problem. The client didn’t know much about Google, but their main goal is for the phone to ring.

However, the client agreed to send through images of jobs they’ve worked on with one or two lines to be expanded on and optimised, which is helpful for Google posts.

What was our Local SEO strategy?

The campaign started by optimising the Google business listing using what content there was on the website. In some areas, there were some aspects of the website that could be improved, though this clients package doesn’t include web content. To make these small changes, we would liaise with the client’s web developer. 

This ensured that if customers who were looking online clicked through to the website, they would have a good experience interacting online, and be easily able to find the clients contact details to call.

Then, research was done on the industry and the clients competitors to find the best keywords to target for their services. Once those were found, a content plan was created for posts that would support the website and capture the terms that people are already searching for. It was also important to use optimised content for each post, and link it back to a relevant page on the website so that Google was making the connection between the post and the service offered. In the beginning, the strategy focused on commercial refrigeration and commercial air conditioning, as these are the clients main services, and expanded to other services and locations.

Another part of the strategy was citations and listings in local business and niche directories, which help to give the business a presence in different areas of the web and offer more opportunities for them to return in results.

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Where is this client now?

This client is proof that you don’t need a lot of keywords, just the right ones. Within a month, the two commercial refrigeration keywords that were being targeted had moved from not being found on Google to positions three and four of the local listings. After three months, these were consistently in the top three and for the last 12 months have lived in the number one spot.

The keyword commercial air conditioning also followed a similar trend, as it went from not being found to ranking in the third month, and has been in the number one position since January 2019, only five months into the campaign. 

Views of the Google Business Listing have also  increased from an average of 513 per month in the beginning of the campaign to 3924 in January 2020. Additionally, the number of calls this client is getting from the listing alone has more than tripled from 9 a month in the beginning of the campaign to 35 in January 2020 – which is great as this is the client’s main goal. 

The local SEO campaign has been successful in targeting and bringing in the ideal customers for this client. The client has also shown us that this strategy has led to hundreds of thousands of dollars of quotes and new business opportunities.

In the future, this client is looking at expanding their service area with an additional location and listing in Brisbane, which will then need to be optimised.

This client recently had their website rebuilt and redesigned, going live with the new version in January 2021. This client is still seeing a steady stream of interactions on their Google Business Listing, with 2571 views on their listing in January 2021 and 34 calls through the listing.

Updated March 2022: Since this case study was first published, the client has their website rebuilt and redesigned in February 2021. Since then, they’ve seen a significant increase in organic traffic – 7 times what they were seeing pre-rebuild, as well as in clicks through to the website. In addition to this, the results for the local campaign have increased in a similar fashion.

Updated March 2023: Over the last year, the client has seen even more improvement from their website redesign in 2021. At the time of the last update, the client was seeing 103 organic sessions per month, which increased to 172 organic sessions in March 2023. In terms of the Google Business Profile, actions completed have gone from 41 website clicks and 32 calls in March 2022 to 45 website clicks and 43 calls from the listing in March 2023 which shows steady, continual improvement. Additionally, the client has seen a number of keywords consistently in position 1 and other high page one positions over the last twelve months.

Ice Cap Organic Traffic
Ice Cap Organic Traffic

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