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Pedleys Solar Power – Brisbane Solar Installation & Repairs Local SEO Case Study

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Where did we start?

Pedleys Solar Power is a solar electrical and installation company that works throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba, the Sunshine Coast, and south into the Northern Rivers region of NSW. When we began, they had a website but were looking to expand and be found in these new service areas outside of the Gold Coast.

What was our Local SEO strategy?

The first step was to understand what it was the client was trying to achieve – which, in part, included doing research on the new areas they were looking at expanding into to see if there were any related suburbs or areas that had high search volume and could also be targeted. Then, we assisted the client in creating a Google Business Listing for each of these locations.

Once the locations were set, then the next task was to add content to the website that would support these new locations that were being added. As this is a very competitive niche, it was important to make sure that the content added was unique and optimised to support each location, so that Google was able to connect the new Google Business Listings that were being made with the original website.

Additional content was also created for the home page, and repairs and installation pages were created for both solar panels and solar inverters. 

Once these tasks were completed, we were able to begin our strategy of coordinated posting to target our selected keywords. This also fed into a secondary strategy of building up the clients reviews on Google. This both provides a foundation for customer trust, and informs Google that the listing is active and that there are people interacting with it (which iners the business itself is active, leading Google to prioritise it over an empty listing).

Pedleys Local SEO strategy

Where is this client now?

Between August 2019 and December 2019, this client saw some great results on their local listings. 

Across their 5 listings (many of which were created brand new throughout the campaign) went from a total of 1 call in August 2019, up to 10 calls across all locations in December 2019. Additionally, total views on the listings were 681 in August 2019 up to 1,115 across all listings in December 2019.

These were great numbers given how competitive the industry is and how popular these types of services are with existing businesses (generally electricians) also starting to offer solar services. The client had great visibility in each area they were trying to reach and were seeing a positive increase in customers contacting them.

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