Leads from Google Increased 522% in 3 Months!

Aqua Living Pools – Gold Coast Pool Builder Paid Ads Case Study


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Rate Up from 7.66% to 10.39%


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Where did we start? 

This client is a pool building company based on the Gold Coast, with services extending north to Brisbane and south to Byron Bay, however this campaign focuses on the Gold Coast/Brisbane region.

This campaign started in November of 2022, with the customer wanting more enquiries for their business, and quotes for new, bigger jobs. It started targeting both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with a daily budget of $100.

What was our paid ads strategy?

The client already had an existing campaign running, which wasn’t producing the desired results. This was left running whilst two new campaigns were created and tested, covering both locations. $80 of the budget into a search campaign and the remaining $20 into a call only campaign, with new dedicated landing pages created for both user experience and data tracking.

Between the 14th of November and 17th of January, these new campaigns generated a total of 130 enquiries, which was an increase of 208% compared to the previous period. This determined that the new campaigns were more profitable than the previous ones – the new campaign also had a conversion rate of 10.39%, where the conversion rate of the previous campaign was only 7.66%. From this, it was decided to pause the old campaigns and pour all the budget into the new campaigns as this would bring the best outcome for the client.

On the 17th of January an additional Brisbane only campaign with new landing pages was created to separate this from the Gold Coast in order to capitalise on having specific geographical campaigns and targeting locations.

Between January 17th and February 6th, the client saw a further increase in lead enquiries of 230%, which led to a further increase of budget of $200 per day – $100 into each location campaign. On the 9th of February, the Brisbane budget was increased again by the client to $400, meaning a $300 per day spend across both campaigns. This means that over this short period of time, the client has seen enough value from their ads to be comfortable increasing their monthly budget from approx $3000 per month to approx $9000 per month.

After this increase, Brisbane leads increased by a further 44.9% for this client. The higher budget in this area has been effective as Brisbane has a higher level of competition than the Gold Coast for this industry, necessitating the difference in spend budgets.

Between mid-November 2022 and mid-February 2023, leads from Google increased by 522% overall – the client has received 261 enquiries through their ads, which come in as form submissions or phone calls. On average this client is quoting 20 jobs a week in person, and seeing significant increases to their business turnover.


paid ads case study
online bedding website
online bedding website

Recent Updates in 2023: The Premium Pool Building Experience

Aqua Living Pools Contact Form

Aqua Living Pools has continued its journey towards excellence in the world of pool construction. With a keen focus on positioning themselves as the premier pool builder in both the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions, Aqua Living Pools set out to elevate their digital presence. Their primary objectives included increasing the quality of leads while reducing administrative costs and time. To achieve these goals, a meticulously planned strategy was devised:

Detailed Contact Form: A comprehensive contact form designed to deter price shoppers and low-budget customers was created, emphasising their commitment to a “premium” experience.

Online Booking System: Recently introduced, an online booking system now includes a $250 on-site consultation fee. This addition not only streamlines the booking process but also reinforces the value of their services.

Professional Photography: On recommendation for enhancing user experience and emphasising their premium offerings, Aqua Living Pools replaced stock images with professional photographs of their previous pool builds.

Location-Based Google Ads Campaign: A targeted Google Ads campaign now focuses on higher-income areas in both the Gold Coast and Brisbane, aligning with their premium positioning.

Aqua Living Pools has achieved remarkable results through their digital marketing efforts. With a total ad spend of $54,032.33 between December 2022 and August 2023, they reached an impressive 99,827 impressions and garnered 10,573 clicks. Their average Cost Per Click (CPC) stood at $5.11, a testament to the effectiveness of their campaign in a competitive industry.

During this 10 month timeframe, their campaign resulted in 499 conversions, boasting a conversion rate of 4.65%. Notably, 267 of these conversions came from contact form submissions, showcasing the quality of leads generated.

In addition to the paid ads results, Aqua Living Pools experienced a solid 34% increase in overall website traffic between December 2022 and August 2023, reflecting their growing online presence and engagement.

Impressively, organic traffic witnessed an 88% increase, surging from 268 visitors in December 2022 to 504 visitors in August 2023. Aqua Living Pools also saw an 88% increase in Google Business Profile calls in this timeframe, signaling an enhanced local presence and recognition of their premium services.

ALP Organic traffic increase

Not only that, Aqua Living Pools received high commendation for the SPASA QLD Awards 2023 in the category of Concrete Pool over $240,000, further solidifying their reputation as leaders in the industry.  

Currently, Aqua Living Pools is engaged in a prestigious project, building a luxury pool alongside a landscaping endeavor valued at over $2 million. This project not only showcases their capabilities but also highlights their position as a premium pool builder in the market.


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