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All Care Physiotherapy – Brisbane Physiotherapist SEO Case Study

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70% New Traffic

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Services: Optimised Web Design, Local SEO, Organic SEO

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Where did we start? 

This client started with us in June 2019. They needed their website totally rebuilt and wanted to get more traffic to their new site to increase bookings for their business. 

When looking to start SEO, this client told us that he was very focused on a few keywords that they felt were the most important to their business and the best way to bring in new clients. 

What was our SEO strategy?

To begin, the website was completely rebuilt. This is because previously, there had been some poor practices in regards to backlinks and other aspects, so the website had been disavowed by Google. However, the same URL was kept, and a lot of the content was copied across. We also created additional optimised content for services that the client wanted to promote that weren’t as emphasised on the previous site.

To do this, we created a keyword strategy around the clients important keywords, and other service-specific keywords for this industry. The client’s main keywords were very competitive, and so it was important to make them aware that they would likely take some time to rank – so  the service-based strategy was key to still getting traffic while those came up.

Then, instead of a location strategy of adding content to rank in different areas, the content strategy was informational. Blogs and other content was created to inform readers about issues that related to the services offered by this client, and the benefits of having them seen by an expert. 

physio online marketing services brisbane

Where is this client now?

Though this client only spent ten months with us doing SEO, they saw some great results. They went from 75 organic sessions a month in June 2019 (people finding them from Google) up to approximately 300 in March 2020, which is a great result. 

Additionally, this client went from having just 8 people book online in June 2019 to 121 online bookings in the March of 2020. This client also had a consistently high rate of new traffic to the website (averaging 70% a month), which was the percentage of visitors who had never been to the website before.

Plus, this client’s 3 main keywords saw movement from page two and three onto page one, which is great for such highly competitive keywords in this time frame.

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All Care Physio Website Rebuild – Before / After

physiotherapy website design
physiotherapy web site designer

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