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Aurora Training – South East Queensland Training Institute Case Study


Increase in Web Traffic


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Where did we start?

Aurora Training, a premier training institute in South East Queensland, came to us with the intent of improving their online presence and attracting students from diverse backgrounds. Their focus was on reaching three key target markets: high school students in year 11 and 12, mature-aged career changers, and academic and career advisors at schools. Their goal was to highlight their Certificate Three courses, with a particular focus on Certificate Three in Individual Support.

This campaign commenced in December 2022 with the objective of enhancing overall website traffic, organic visibility, and engagement. To achieve this, a combination of paid advertising and organic SEO strategies was employed.

Aurora Training Semrush Organic Traffic _ Keywords

What was our strategy?

To cater to Aurora Training’s diverse audience and course offerings, we crafted a multifaceted strategy that utilised both paid advertising and organic SEO to maximise visibility and reach. This comprehensive approach aimed to cater to the unique needs of each target market.

After discussing the clients key target markets, in-depth research was completed in regards to search intent and tone. Then, this research was folded into the content and larger overarching strategies in order to engage these groups effectively.

The heart of Aurora Training’s offerings lies in their Certificate Three courses. We honed in on Certificate Three in Individual Support, strategically highlighting its benefits and appeal to potential students in all aspects of the campaign.

To underline this, the strategy began with rewriting specific course pages to reflect the interests of these key target demographics. Once the content was revised, the pages were optimised and utilised in the organic SEO strategy.

At the same time, the paid ads campaign was in effect, targeting these same demographics. Over time, and as a result of research into keywords and user intent, the copy on the search ads was tweaked to encourage higher click through from prospective leads that later lead to conversions.

Aurora Training GBP Calls Increase
Aurora Training Rankings Increase Dec 2022 - Aug 2023

Where are they now?

Between December 2022 and August 2023, Aurora Training has seen incredible results from their campaign.

In this time period, there has been a 104% increase in overall website traffic, from 3,956 sessions in December 2022 to 8,057 sessions in August 2023. In particular, organic traffic saw a 73% increase, rising from 2,702 sessions in December 2022 to 4,671 sessions in August 2023.

Additionally, Aurora Training experienced a significant 54% increase in calls through their Google Business Profile in this time period, and interactions increased by 27%, with the institute receiving 659 interactions overall during this time, further highlighting their engagement with the local community.

With regards to ads, the campaign saw a total ad spend of $15,337.90 between December 2022 and August 2023. During this timeframe, Aurora Training achieved an impressive 110,713 impressions and garnered 10,027 clicks. Their average Cost Per Click (CPC) stood at an economical $1.53, showcasing the efficiency of their campaign.

The Google Ads campaign delivered a total of 708 conversions, with an impressive conversion rate of 6.90%. While the cost per conversion averaged $21.52, the high-quality leads generated through contact form submissions justified the expense.

Aurora Training’s journey towards expanding its reach and attracting a diverse student base is marked by strategic digital marketing efforts and a commitment to quality education. As they continue to witness significant growth in both traffic and engagement, their reputation as a leading training institute in South East Queensland continues to flourish.

Google Ads Conversions Dec 2022 - Aug 2023
Aurora Training Traffic Dec 22 - Aug 23
Individual Support CTR increase over last 6 months

Visit website: aurora.edu.au

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