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Concrete Floor Renovations Combined Strategy Case Study


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Where did we start?

Concrete Floor Renovations, a Melbourne-based concrete and epoxy flooring business, came to us wanting to enhance their online presence and attract high-quality commercial and industrial clients. When Concrete Floor Renovations approached us, they already had a website but sought to optimise it for better performance. Their primary goal was to increase lead quality while reducing administrative overhead, targeting clients in sectors such as warehouses, car parks, cafes, breweries, and offices.

Google Ads Industrial concrete PMax Asset Groups

What was our strategy?

We devised a multifaceted strategy to bolster Concrete Floor Renovations’ digital presence and attract their desired clientele:

To start, tailored organic content was created and specifically designed to resonate with commercial and industrial clients. This content was strategically crafted to address the unique needs and pain points of businesses in industrial and retail sectors like warehouses and cafes.

Simultaneously, a comprehensive Google Ads strategy was implemented, including both search campaigns and Performance Max campaigns. The search campaign focused on targeting industrial and commercial customers actively searching for concrete renovation services. Meanwhile, the Performance Max campaign used hyper-targeted asset groups, narrowing in on key demographics like men aged 18-54, previous website visitors, and individuals who had visited competitors’ websites.

Recognising the importance of gathering detailed job-specific information, the contact form on the website was redesigned to better capture warm leads for the business. The new form required more comprehensive job details, aiding in lead qualification and reducing administrative overhead.

As part of the location-based strategy, three Google Business Profiles for the business were utilised to target specific industrial locations for Concrete Floor Renovations’ core services. This approach helped enhance their visibility in key areas, attracting potential clients looking for concrete flooring solutions.

Google Ads Industrial concrete PMax Asset Groups
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Where are they now?

The results of Concrete Floor Renovations’ campaign have improved significantly over the past year.

Concrete Floor Renovations witnessed an outstanding 220% increase in overall website traffic, soaring from 433 visitors in June 2022 to 1384 visitors in August 2023. This increase in traffic reflects their growing online presence and engagement.

The organic traffic specifically saw an impressive 200% increase, surging from 214 visitors in June 2022 to 709 visitors in August 2023. This rise in organic search visibility underscores the effectiveness of their SEO strategy in capturing the attention of potential clients in the commercial and industrial sectors.

In terms of the paid ads, Concrete Floor Renovations’ search campaign achieved remarkable results with a total spend of $2,100.41 between June 2022 and August 2023. In this same timeframe, the campaign generated 35,108 impressions, 576 clicks, and an average CPC (Cost Per Click) of $3.65. It resulted in 37 conversions, boasting an impressive conversion rate of 6.42%.

The Performance Max campaign proved highly successful, with a total spend of $4214.80 between June 2022 and August 2023. It garnered a staggering 287,813 impressions, 8,419 clicks, and an average CPC of just $0.50 in that same timeframe. This campaign delivered an impressive 513 conversions with a conversion rate of 2.45%, highlighting its effectiveness in reaching and converting the target audience.

CFR Overall Traffic (Jun22-Jul23)
CFR search Campaign Performance
CFR GSC Performance last 16 months (Aug23)

Concrete Floor Renovations’ journey from optimising their website to implementing a multifaceted online marketing strategy has yielded substantial growth in both website traffic and the quality of leads generated, especially in terms of an increase in industrial and commercial jobs over those in residential homes. Their success story showcases the power of strategic SEO, Google Ads, and a well-tailored online approach in the competitive concrete flooring industry.

Visit website: concrete-floors.com.au

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