Monthly Revenue Increased By 167% In First Year

Graceville Physio, Pain Slayers – Brisbane Physiotherapist SEO Case Study

517% Increase

in NEW Clients per month

351% Increase

in Page 1 Rankings

95% Keywords

on page 1 and maintained for over 12 months

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Services: Optimised Web Design, Local SEO, Organic SEO

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Where did we start?

This client started with us in late 2017, wanting to increase their web presence and rank better so that they could gain more prospects. They’re a physiotherapy clinic in Brisbane with an emphasis on pregnancy physio, sports physio, and physio for seniors. The client had also just opened up a second location that they were eager to drive traffic to and book appointments in.

What was our SEO strategy?

Our strategy started out by adding a lot of optimised content to the website. Towards the end of 2018, it became clear that the old website needed an update, both in style and usability. We designed a new website and carried over all of the optimised content we’d already published for this client. During this process, we completed a content audit to remove a considerable amount of no-longer-relevant blog posts or combine multiple related posts on the same topic into one longer article. This was done with respect to the number of views and traffic each article was getting. 

Interestingly, there had been some content that was being found organically without any internal linking through the site. This content could only be found through a search result and was actually performing quite well. An article about the different types of physiotherapy was notable in this result.

In mid-2019 the keyword strategy for this client was refreshed to ensure we’re continually capturing the right topics for the client. For example, our strategy began with incorporating longer tail keywords relating to sports physio or pediatric and pregnancy services, where now the focus tends towards pregnancy, women’s health, and mobile physio services.

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Where is this client now?

Over the course of this campaign, the client has achieved a lot of page 1 rankings even for keywords and topics that we are not actively targeting.

Recently, we also learnt that this client has gained 200 more new clients this year than last year, making the number of new clients in 2019 to a total of approximately 1880. In 2018 the number was approximately 890 new clients and in 2017 (when the client started with us) they had approximately 660 new clients throughout the year.

These numbers are backed up by the other statistics we can see for this client, including their rate of organic traffic which was 982 sessions in February 2018, 2397 sessions in February 2019 and 2436 in February 2020.

Additionally, we can see that the numbers of actions taken on the website, such as people calling or making a booking after finding the site organically from search, from 112 in Feb 2018, then a huge jump to 460 organic goals in February of 2020.

As the campaign progresses, this client will continue with an informational content strategy to increase their authority and become a trusted resource to potential clients.

This client saw a slow 2020, due to the extenuating circumstances of Covid-19, however they have been recovering well. Their organic results have remained relatively steady from February 2020, seeing 2096 organic sessions and 330 organic goals in February 2021. The fact that this client was able to recover in this way is a testament to their strong online presence.

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