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Lewis Auto – Gold Coast Car Hire SEO Case Study


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Where did we start?

This car hire client started with us in late 2016. They had a website that was getting some traffic but wanted to increase their web presence and compete with the bigger names in their industry. They had two main focuses within the campaign, these were car hire and minibus hire around the Gold Coast Airport.

What was our SEO strategy?

As the client had their own web developer, we worked with them to optimise the website to increase the site speed and tidy up some issues in the back-end of the website that was affecting rankings and customer experience.

Because of the design of the website, the decision was also made to create blog posts instead of landing pages, complete with optimised URLs and content. This allowed us to explore a range of different topics without creating too many pages.

In doing this, we were able to create blog posts for different occasions, such as ‘Christmas car hire’, ‘Easter car hire’, and even ‘beach holiday’ car hire. Similarly, the same strategy was applied to car hire needs, such as ‘family car hire’ or ‘commercial fleet hire’.

Due to the client wanting to focus on the Airport, even though their premises were further north in the Gold Coast, a location strategy was implemented to rank the different types of cars for rent within the Gold Coast Airport area.

The strategy also had a major focus on ranking this client’s specialty of minibus hire for people who could hire with a normal car license, attracting larger families, groups of families and sporting groups.

Where is this client now?

While working on this client’s campaign between September 2016 and December 2018, they saw some amazing results. 

On average, the client was seeing 200-400 more organic sessions per month and consistently achieving an increased number of goals, such as submissions of the contact form and how many people requested a quote. Additionally, each month we were seeing a rate of 80% or higher of new sessions, or new visitors to the website. This high rate of new traffic was a good indication that their goals of having a wider online presence were being achieved.

The business also had a 5-star rating on Google My Business thanks to the positive reviews they were receiving, and the listing was viewed more than 11,000 times in December 2018 thanks to the posts that were being added. This was a factor in the consistently high number of visits to the website from the listing, plus also the steady number of direct calls.

The website was ranking in position one for multiple keywords around minibus hire on the Gold Coast and the Airport, allowing the minivans within the business to be rented all year round. This was a great result as this is the most profitable service for the business.

In December 2018, the client moved to focus the business on mining and construction hire vehicles around Australia.

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Visit website: lewisautohire.com.au

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