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Lewis Auto Gold Coast Mobile Safety Certificates SEO Case Study

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Services: Optimised local SEO, organic SEO

organic seo marketing results

Where did we start?

This client originally started with us in late 2016 to complete online marketing for their core business and then added this second campaign to promote another arm of the business in mid-2018. 

This was a brand new business to complement the first, and therefore needed a whole new website, and for SEO to be done from the ground up. This client needed both the website and the SEO campaign to compete with others in this highly-competitive industry (especially those who were more established).

What was our SEO strategy?

The client wanted a professional and easy to navigate website that promoted why they should choose this company over others. Also while providing customers with exactly the information they needed to know for this service. The client also wanted the website to be visually consistent with its core website, as this reflected the branding of both businesses.

Once the website was created, the SEO campaign was implemented. The focus for this was to focus on the services provided such as mobile roadworthy certificates for cars, motorbikes, and caravans, as well as targeting alternative terms such as ‘safety inspection’ and ‘safety certificate’. Secondly to promote these services within the wider communities of the Gold Coast & Brisbane and targeting specific suburban locations within these areas.

In addition to creating targeted pages for each of the main services, a content plan of blog posts was put in place to capture wider traffic from long-tail keywords & locations.

A Google Business Listing for the new business was also created and optimised with all of the services that this client provides, using keyword-optimised content to fully flesh out the listing for customers to find them.

Where is this client now?

Though this client finished up in November 2018 due to moving the focus of the whole business in a different direction, they achieved some great results in the five months that they were doing SEO.

They made it into the top three positions for their main keywords and had another 40% of keywords on page two.

Throughout the period of this campaign, the client also received an increase in traffic to the website, with 269 hits in July up to 413 hits in November 2018.

Additionally, these clients saw an increase in total goals, of people calling and booking. In July, they saw just four goals through organic traffic, or people finding them from google, and in the month of November, they saw 17 organic goals. 

As well as seeing great results for their website, the local result for their Google Business Listing was also very impressive, especially for a brand-new profile that didn’t have a lot of traction yet. The total number of times the listing was seen in searches went from 91 a month to 155, and the listing was generating an average of 30 clicks to the website per month.

car hire digital marketing

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