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Where did we start?

The client is a compensation lawyer based on the Gold Coast. They had a website already that wasn’t performing as well as it could have been. During initial discussions, this client said that their main goal was to get more phone calls and more genuine enquiries from customers who will follow through with an action.

They consider their most profitable customers to be those enquiring about personal injury claims, especially car accidents, work cover claims and other claims that have high compensation amounts.

What was our SEO strategy?

Due to the nature of this client’s industry, they cannot have a drop-down menu of services on the website, so one of the first things that was done was to create a services page as a landing point for interested customers. Also migrating the site to a new theme to offer a more updated, professional look in line with what others in the industry are presenting. 

There are laws around the type of language and images that can be used, given being in the legal industry, so planning a content strategy in conjunction with the client was very important. Pages for each type of legal service that the client provides were created, and then further specific pages for each location they wanted to target were also created. This allowed these pages to be ranked for a wider geographical area than they were initially capturing, meaning the client would be found in areas and by clients that they otherwise wouldn’t. 

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Just four months after starting their SEO campaign they increased their package as the return on investment allowed for more money to be invested in online marketing. The client again increased their SEO package in July 2019. On both occasions, the strategy was enhanced to capture more qualified keywords in personal injury claims and workers compensation claims, whilst also expanding the geographical area to focus on the northern area of the Gold Coast, Northern New South Wales and Rockhampton. Due to the increase in enquiries and return on investment, they have been able to add additional office locations to their business.

In looking at ways to get ahead of the competitors, research was done on what trends other compensation lawyers within Australia and overseas were offering. During this research we identified the option of adding a ‘compensation calculator’.  The compensation calculator was developed with 3 aims, 1. Attracting more qualified traffic to the website, 2. Allowing potential clients to complete some initial research, providing more qualified leads to the business when they were contacted and 3. Build the authority of the website’s online presence. 

As part of the content creation strategy, a frequently asked questions database has been built to provide clients with an information base and again increase the authority of our clients on the subject – which is both an advantage to the prospective client and for Google.

Comparing the last year, this client is still seeing great improvement in their organic results. In February 2020 they saw 171 organic sessions, and then in February 2021 they saw almost double that, with 379 visits in the month. Similarly, they saw 64 goal completions in February 2020, which are things like filling in the contact form or calling. In February 2021, that number increased to 114 goal completions.

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Visit website: mainlawyers.com.au

Achievements in 2023:

Main Lawyers has continued to make substantial strides in its online presence and the quality of leads it attracts. This ongoing success story is a testament to their commitment to providing top-notch legal services and their strategic partnership with our SEO team.

Main Lawyers Blog Rankings

Goals and Strategy:

Main Lawyers set out with a clear objective: to increase the quality of leads, focusing primarily on core areas such as car accident claims, medical negligence, workers’ compensation, and insurance claims. Understanding the limitations imposed by the legal industry in advertising, the strategy was carefully crafted to navigate these restrictions, and developed in two primary focuses for content.

Location-Specific Service Pages: To effectively target different areas of South East Queensland, the website was enriched with location-specific service pages. This approach ensured that potential clients from various regions could easily find information tailored to their location, thus broadening the firm’s reach.

 Informative and Relevant Blogs: Recognizing the power of content, our strategy moved to include a series of blog posts designed to support their core service areas. An innovative approach was employed—users were required to input their email addresses to access the blog posts directly from the site. This not only positioned the blogs as lead magnets but also complied with legal restrictions on advertising in the personal injury law sector.

 To enhance user experience and boost SEO, internal linking was then strategically implemented to underscore both arms of this content strategy. This interconnected web of links directed visitors between blog posts and core service pages, providing a seamless journey and reinforcing Main Lawyers’ authority in the field.


The dedication to their SEO strategy has yielded remarkable results for Main Lawyers, as reflected in the data from June 2022 to August 2023:

Overall Traffic: An impressive 245% increase in overall website traffic, from 423 in June 2022 to 1459 visitors in August 2023. This rise is indicative of their growing online presence and the effectiveness of their content-driven approach.

Organic Traffic: A staggering 363% increase in organic traffic, catapulting from 288 in June 2022 to 1334 visitors in August 2023. This increase in organic search visibility demonstrates the prowess of their SEO strategy.

Main Lawyers Organic Traffic

Blog Dominance: Ten out of the top 15 landing pages on the website are blog posts, further reinforcing their expertise in the field. The unique approach of requiring email addresses to access blog posts has also paid off, attracting significant engagement. In August, a remarkable 33% of website traffic came directly from the “What to do when the other driver in a car accident won’t provide details” blog post, highlighting the success of this strategy.

Outranking Competitors & Surpassing Law Enforcement: Main Lawyers’ blog pages have not only achieved strong rankings but have also outperformed major law competitors in certain longer tail keyword searches. This exceptional achievement showcases their authority in the field. Main Lawyers’ SEO strategy has also propelled them to outperform even the Queensland Police in certain keyword rankings, underscoring their dominance in their niche.

Main Lawyers’ commitment to providing valuable legal insights and expertise through their blog content has not only positioned them as an authority in their field but has also significantly increased their online visibility and quality of leads. This ongoing success story demonstrates the power of a strategic SEO approach and innovative content marketing in a regulated industry.

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