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SWISH Sales Coaching – Website Migration SEO Case Study

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Where did we start? 

We’ve been working with this client (formerly ISR Sales Training) since early 2019, providing organic and local SEO, and achieving great results for them.

Mid 2020, the team at SWISH Sales Coaching came to the decision that they wanted to rebrand to SWISH Sales Coaching, a name tha twitter evoked the values that they stood for, and their overall training ethos.

This included a new site built by their web developer on a new domain, and the coordination of the SEO campaigns on our end to ensure minimal disruption to rankings and results.

What was our strategy?

The first thing we did was assess what they wanted to keep from the old website, and what needed to happen in order for the new website to excel. A spreadsheet was created to catalogue all of the on-page details that would be required for the pages being rebuilt on the new domain, and the new pages that were being created. This allowed us to optimise these details for the new business name and keywords before the website was even live, giving it the best chance at a strong start.

As part of this process, each piece of optimised content that had previously been written (both pages and posts) needed to be reviewed. As most of the content was being moved from the old domain to the new domain with only the business name changed, we were relatively confident that this would minimise the impact of the change. In some instances, mentions of the old business name were left, as the client did a TV feature several years ago and this was Googled quite a bit. 

A list of redirects was also compiled and provided to the web developer to ensure that customers who entered on a page from the old domain that was still ranking were taken to the right page on the new domain. This was both for Google (so that the algorithm could see that everything had a match on the new domain) and for better user experience.

The entire process took several months of coordination with the client and their web developer to ensure that each possible issue was thought of and a solution devised.

Swish Maps Pack

Where is this client now?

The new website was launched on 27 October 2020, and in the immediate months following the switch of domains, the client saw their rankings remain relatively steady. 

In September 2020, the month before the migration, 47 of their 67 (almost 63%) of their keywords were on page 1, with 61 out of 67 (91%) being found by Google. In November, the month after the migration, 25 keywords out of 67 (37%) stayed on page one, with 57 out of 67 (85%) still recognised by Google, which is an amazing result. These numbers have since increased.

The number of overall, and in particular organic, sessions this client was seeing did move somewhat after the migration, from 2562 overall sessions and 1141 organic sessions in September 2020 to 2684 overall sessions, thanks to an increase in direct traffic, and 1087 organic sessions in November 2020. These numbers have since levelled and are beginning to improve again.

The client has also seen an increase in customers interacting with their new website and signing up for their services.

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