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You’re a business owner. Your aim is to increase your customer base, make more sales, and do what you’re good at. While there’s a variety of online marketing strategies to help you do that, one of the most effective methods is local SEO in Melbourne. 

In the digital age, any business without a website is at a disadvantage, but you can’t just build it and call it done. You need to be active on the internet, increasing your businesses presence and showing Google that you’re an authority in your area.

Which, if Local SEO and digital marketing isn’t your area of expertise, then this can be very time consuming and hard to do well. That’s where we come in. As experts in local SEO for Melbourne, our job is to partner with you and create a strategy that will get you the most effective results.

We’ll design and implement a strategy that will make sure your ideal customer can find your website through your Google Business Profile (formerly Google Business Listing), and can easily navigate their way to making a purchase or contacting you.

At Digital Surfer, we pride ourselves on local SEO without any of the funny business or dodgy practices that give our industry a bad name. We focus on honest communication, explaining our strategies in terms you’ll understand and answering any questions you might have – because why wouldn’t you want to know what we’re doing for you?

Not all business owners understand the mechanics of local SEO, but that’s okay – we don’t always understand what you do either, and that’s why you’re the experts in your field. To get started on a local SEO strategy with the expert team at Digital Surfer, give us a call today.

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What Is Local SEO And How Does It Relate To My Melbourne Business?

Local SEO is commonly confused with organic SEO, as the names are very similar. Where SEO focuses on organic Google results, a local SEO strategy is centred on a businesses Google Business Profile. 

A successful local SEO campaign will mean your business appears in the ‘maps pack’ snippet on the Google front page. This is done by incorporating keywords into the content of your listing and regular, strategic posting that positions your business as a local expert in the field.

Let Customers Find You – Before They Find Your Competitors

With Google, visibility is everything. If your business can’t be seen by your customers, but your competitors can, chances are potential customers aren’t going to do much more digging. This is a common problem for many businesses, though it’s not always clear how to fix it.

A successful local SEO campaign will make your business visible on a spot that captures attention. The maps feature draws the eye, and as such, any businesses listed there have an advantage when it comes to getting those clicks. We can also assist with a paid ads campaign to further increase visibility on the page.

How Can Local SEO Services Melbourne Help Your Business?

  • Increased Trust

Local SEO can help your business in a variety of ways. Primarily, it means that your business has the opportunity to be seen in several places on the front page of Google. If your business has a spot in the maps pack, an organic ranking on the front page, and potentially even an add, customers see your business name several times and are more likely to put trust in it. Having a large presence on this page will not only increase trust from potential customers in your brand, but it will also increase Google’s trust in your brand as well.

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  • Increased Ranking

In some cases, local SEO ranks a lot faster than organic SEO. If trying to achieve both places on Google, this means that we’re able to use a two-prong strategy, using local SEO to draw people into your website while the organic or e-commerce SEO is still coming along and you gain that second place on the page.

  • Easier to Contact

 Having your business listed in Google maps or in the maps pack section allows customers to call you or request directions to your business from right there, as they think about it. This is invaluable and offers the utmost convenience to customers – the ability to contact you without having to click through several pages.

We also have the ability to track these calls and clicks, so we can show you how many people are taking direct action on the listing.

  • Increase in Customers

 Our clients have proven results of appearing in more searches, getting more views, and an increase in calls, emails and bookings since we started their local SEO campaign. We can achieve these same results for you.

Contact us today for an audit of your current local SEO strategy so you know exactly where you sit and what work might need to be done to get you where you want to be.

How Long Will Local SEO Melbourne Take To Give Me A Return?

While local SEO can sometimes work at a faster pace than organic SEO, there’s still a long window before you will begin to see any return on this investment. You should reasonably expect to have your campaign running for 12 or more months before things really pick up. 

During that time, we’ll be working behind the scenes to optimise your listing and post regularly so that your listing and business i seen as reputable, active and engaging.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at the results we’ve gotten for other local SEO clients.

To start taking advantage of your Google Business Listing, now Google Business Profile, contact us today. We’ll audit your existing listing and plan an effective strategy to get your listing and your website seen.

Trust the expert team at Digital Surfer for local SEO Melbourne business owners appreciate and get results with.

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What Does Melbourne Local SEO Include?

Local SEO is a crucial strategy when it comes to getting your business in front of customers. After identifying the trends in what people in your local area are searching for, we use two key platforms to create posts and promote authority and awareness of your brand. These are:

  • Google Business Profile (formerly Google Business Listing)

We start by optimising your profile, or creating one if needed. We then start work behind-the-scenes to develop content plans, strategy and other ways to ensure the best performance. Our team will also offer methods to get reviews on your listing – a key factor for Google.

  • Citations

Our local SEO experts will also create a variety of local citation listings that link back to your website. These are things like TrueLocal, Yellow Pages, and other business directories that people often use to find what they’re looking for as an alternative to Google. We create and optimise these listings, ensuring you have a solid foundation throughout the internet and cover a lot of ground.

Is Local SEO Worth It, Compared To Web SEO?

Absolutely. Any strategy that puts your website in front of potential customers is invaluable, in our opinion. 

There are many reasons to start local SEO. For example, say you’re an air conditioning installer. The organic results for the keyword ‘air conditioning’ might be full of big-name manufacturers, who have immense marketing budgets and wholesale units to someone like yourself. Local SEO is a great strategy here to get seen on the page as a business that performs a service, which is what actual customers are looking for.

Of course, you can’t just create the listing and be done with it. To see powerful, actionable results, we will implement a strategy that optimises the listing and create posts to tell Google (and your customers) exactly who you are, what you do, and why they should pick you over the other businesses doing the same thing in your local area. 

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Local SEO


Only focuses on ranking in the maps


Some website changes


Some content production


Some technical SEO implementation

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Organic SEO


Full-scale service focussing on website


Targets organic search results, under the map


Increased website content


Higher focus on technical elements and linkbuilding

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The maps section of search results is prime real estate on search engines since they are displayed above most of the results shown and in a prominent, attention grabbing position.

Why are Local SEO Citations Melbourne Important?

Basically, citations are mentions of your business around the internet. It’s more than someone just mentioning your brand name somewhere, which is why it can be difficult to build these mentions. You can think of it like referrals from other companies and websites sharing your phone number and address with potential customers while also showing Google that your website and business listing are relevant and important. Our approach includes creating a solid base of these citations in the form of directory listings for our clients.

We also find additional opportunities to get more mentions where we can – especially in the local area where your business is based.

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One of the perks of working with our digital marketing agency is that we’ll start off the campaign by completing an in depth competitor analysis of the citations your competitors already have. Our next step is to create a strategy to make sure you’re listed on all relevant industry and location directories, which will give you a chance to compete online.

Choose Digital Surfer as your  Local SEO Agency Melbourne

If you’re not getting seen on Google or not getting the customers you want, it’s time to make a change. At Digital Surfer, we get proven results through local SEO and other online marketing strategies for Melbourne businesses – and can for you too. We also offer Local SEO to businesses in Brisbane, Sydney and on the Gold Coast

Get in touch today to start your local SEO campaign.

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