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As a business owner in Sydney, your aim is to increase the customer base of your business, make more sales, and do the things you’re good at. There are a range of digital marketing strategies that you can use, the most effective is using local SEO in Sydney. 

Nowadays, with so much activity done online, any business that doesn’t have a website is at a disadvantage, and any business targeting local leads that doesn’t have a Google Business Profile (formerly Google Business Listing) is at a similar disadvantage. 

If you don’t utilise these tools for your business, you’re missing out on a large amount of traffic that is probably going to your competitors.

Being active online with your Google Business Profile will increase your businesses presence and show both Google and customers that you’re an authority in your local area. Of course, if this isn’t your area of expertise, the thing to do is to hire an expert in Local SEO who can do this for you and get the results you’re looking for. 

We’re experts in local SEO in Sydney, which means we partner with you and create a strategy that will get you those results by ensuring that your ideal customer can find you on Google search and Google maps. 

Optimising your Google Business Listing, now Google Business Profile, to be found through these searches means customers can contact you easier than ever, as they can call you directly from the listing.

At Digital Surfer, we pride ourselves on our transparency and honest communication. We explain our strategies in easy to understand terms, and answer all your questions. This is because we know that for this to work, you need to understand what we do and where we’re coming from. 

To get started on a local SEO strategy with the expert team at Digital Surfer, give us a call today.

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What Is Local Seo And How Does It Relate To Sydney Businesses?

It’s common to confuse local SEO with organic SEO, as the two share some aspects of the strategy. However, where organic SEO focuses solely on Google search results, your local SEO strategy focuses on Google maps as well as search with the Google Business Profile (formerly Google Business Listing). 

A successful local SEO campaign should see your business shown on the ‘maps pack’ snippet, displayed at the top of the Google results page. This is done by incorporating your targeted keywords into the content of your listing and posts.

Make Sure Customers Find You Before They Find Your Competitors

When it comes to being online, visibility is everything. If your business isn’t seen by new customers, but they can find your competitors, the chances are that their search will end right there. This is a common problem that most businesses face, though it can sometimes be hard to see how to fix it. We can also offer help with paid ads to increase your Google visibility.

Any successful local SEO campaign will ensure your business is visible and captures the right attention. This is why there’s a focus on the maps pack feature – this draws the customer’s eye and adds a visual element to their search, which is an advantage when it comes to getting clicks.

How Can Local SEO Services Sydney Help Your Business?

  • Increased Brand Trust

There are a range of ways that local SEO can help your business, the main one being that your business has the opportunity to be seen in several places on Google. If you get a spot in the maps pack and an organic ranking, then customers will see your business name several times and have more trust in your brand. If you run a paid ads campaign as well then that will be up to three places that your business will appear. Having an increased presence on this page will also increase Google’s trust in your online footprint.

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  • Higher Rankings

There are times when local SEO ranks faster than organic or ecommerce SEO, which makes it a great strategy. If you’re wanting to be found in both areas of the Google search results, then a two-prong strategy is the way to go by using local SEO to focus on the maps and hopefully gain the ‘maps pack’ snippet while your organic strategy is still gaining traction.

  • Easy Customer Contact

Once your business is listed on Google with the Business Listing, it makes it easier than ever for customers to get in touch with you right from the search. This makes things more convenient than ever for your customers, and means they don’t have to click through several pages in order to call you. 

We also have the ability to track these calls and clicks, so we can show you how many people are taking direct action on the listing.

  • Increase in New Customers

Once you start getting recognised in these different searches, then that means an increase in calls, emails and bookings made by new customers. The goal of local SEO is to put your business in front of customers who are looking but may not have been able to find you before. 


How Long Will Local SEO Take To Give Me A Return On Investment?

Even though local SEO can in some cases work faster than organic SEO, we still have to be realistic about what that time frame can look like. While some campaigns can see results in just a few months, the typical window for seeing ongoing return on investment is roughly 12 months. 

During that time, we put in a lot of work behind the scenes to optimise the listing and create regular posts to ensure your listing is active and engaging. 

Don’t believe us? Have a look at the results we’ve gotten for other local SEO clients.

Get in touch with us today to start taking advantage of your Google Business Profile. Our team will plan an effective strategy to get your listing, and by extension your website, seen.

Trust the expert team at Digital Surfer for local SEO that Sydney business owners appreciate and get results with.

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What Does Sydney Local SEO Include?

When it comes to getting your business in front of customers, local SEO is an important part of the strategy. After the trends in your industry have been identified, there are two different ways that we promote awareness and authority of your brand. 

  • Google Business Profile (formerly Google Business Listing)

If you don’t have a Google Business Profile, we create one for you. We then start working on content plans, strategies, and other aspects that ensure the best performance of your listing and website. We’ll also offer methods to get reviews on your listing, which is a key factor for Google. 

  • Citations

The second important aspect in your local SEO campaign is citations. These include directories like YellowPages and TrueLocal, among others. Customers will often use business directories to find services that they’re looking for as an alternative to Google, so it’s important to utilise these listings. We create and optimise them so you have a solid foundation across the internet. 

Which Is Better, Organic Or Local SEO?

In all honesty, they’re both invaluable strategies that will put your website in front of potential customers. 

There are many reasons why local SEO is a great choice for any business. 

For example if you’re an air conditioning installer, the organic results for the keyword ‘air conditioning’ is probably full of big-name manufacturers, who have immense marketing budgets. Local SEO is a great strategy here, as you can rank in the maps pack as a local service business, which is often what people see before they even get down to those organic results. 

Much like everything else, you can’t just create the listing and forget about it. To see the kind of results you’re looking for, you need a strategy that optimises the listing and leverages posts to tell Google and your customers who you are and why you do. Most importantly, it helps demonstrate to your audience why they should pick you over everyone else.

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Local SEO


Only focuses on ranking in the maps


Some website changes


Some content production


Some technical SEO implementation

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Organic SEO


Full-scale service focussing on website


Targets organic search results, under the map


Increased website content


Higher focus on technical elements and linkbuilding

Sydney Local SEO Organic

The maps section of search results is prime real estate on search engines since they are displayed above most of the results shown and in a prominent, attention grabbing position.

Why are Local SEO Citations in Sydney Important?

In a nutshell, citations are mentions of your business around the internet that link back to your website. You can think of them like referrals from other websites, which share your phone number and website to potential customers. This also shows Google that your website and business listing are important. One of the priorities of your campaign is building a solid base of citations and directory listings for our clients. 

We also take the time and make it a priority to keep expanding the potential citations that can be created. Particularly, the focus is on opportunities in your local area. One of our initial steps in creating any strategy is completing an in-depth competitor analysis, and seeing which citations your competitors are using that we can also utilise. Then we start work to make sure you’re listed on all the relevant industry and location directories which puts you on the playing field online.

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Choose Digital Surfer as your Local SEO Agency Sydney

If you’re not getting found by customers in your local area, then it’s time to try something different. At Digital Surfer, we get you proven results through local SEO and various other online marketing strategies to ensure Sydney businesses are getting the right customers who are ready to buy or book your service.

Get in touch with our team to start local SEO in Sydney today. We also offer local SEO to businesses in Brisbane, Melbourne and on the Gold Coast.

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