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Are you looking to get your business in front of your competitors fast?

While organic, ecommerce and local SEO are great ways to gain long term standings, sometimes you need to do a little extra to get ahead.

In most cases, when a customer Googles a service or a product they’re already intending to take action – so why not use a paid ad to put yourself at the top of the page. We can create a targeted digital marketing strategy that means you simply pay for the keywords that relate to your business. Doing this will make the ad show at the top of the Google results page, giving your business the best and first opportunity to engage those customers who are already intending to purchase.

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Utilising paid ads, or pay per click ads, for your website can be one of the fastest ways to get traffic to your website, especially when done in combination with a strong organic SEO and local SEO strategy.

Organic and local SEO can take several months to see first-page rankings, so also using paid ads will give your website a way to be seen while these strategies are gaining traction. Even after these results have been achieved, it can be beneficial to continue with paid ads, as these are displayed above both the local and organic results. More than 90% of people will use Google to find information about local businesses – don’t you want those people to see you first?

At Digital Surfer, we have experience managing paid ads on Google with amazing results. All of our campaigns are set up and managed here on the Gold Coast, so you can be confident that we know the market and the audience that you’re targeting. We’re also completely transparent the whole way and provide reporting on a weekly basis so you can monitor your conversions and keep track of how your campaign is progressing.


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Why Do Paid Ads With A PPC Agency Gold Coast?

There are a range of benefits to doing paid ads through Google, no matter your industry or business.

Seen sooner than organic rankings

Combining paid ads with your organic, ecommerce and local SEO strategies will mean that your business is still visible while your pages are still climbing up the ranks. This can be a great way to get interest in your service or product quickly.

Reach the best audience for your product or service

PPC ad strategies allow us to get a lot more precise with who sees the ad. This means what we can put your paid ad in front of your most qualified audience for a higher chance of purchase.

Suitable for businesses of any size

Paid ads are extremely flexible in terms of scaling. That means it’s perfect for anyone, from the smallest business to the largest corporation. 

Stay in control of your budget

Extending on the point above, you can adjust your budget easily to reflect how much you want to spend, and whether you want to spend more on certain keywords. 

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There’s no question about it.

Paid ads can be the fastest way to get visitors to your web site – especially quality prospects who are already interested in buying your product or service.

What Kind Of Ads Are Used By A Google Ads Agency Gold Coast?

There are three types of paid ads that you can combine in your campaign – search, display and video.


Search Ads

These are the ads that you see in amongst the Google results when you make a search. Appearing at both the top and bottom of the results page, these are the ones that are often clicked on immediately by customers who are already ready to buy.

Display Ads

Display ads are often images, seen on web pages of other sites that the searcher has navigated to. These can be seen days after the initial search has been made, which is great for keeping your business front of mind for those customers who may not have made their purchase yet.

Video Ads

These are short clips that are usually between six to fifteen seconds long. Similar to display ads, these are shown on youtube to potential customers who have made a search previously but may not have committed to a purchase yet.

Performance Max

Performance mac is Google’s latest campaign type. This dynamic campaign allows you to get your ad seen across the whole Google network. This can include Google Search, display network, shopping, partner websites, YouTube and many more.

Depending on your industry and what your product or service is might influence which type of ads you decide to go with. For example, a product based store might opt for search and display ads, where you can offer images of your products, while a service-based business might opt for search ads and video ads, with a short clip of the service in action. Or, of course, you can choose to combine all three types of ads, depending on your budget. Get in contact for a chat about the best strategy and combination for your business.

How Do You Create A Paid Ads Strategy?

We start by getting to know you and your business. The keywords used for paid ads need to be very specific to capture the intent of the person searching, so we take that knowledge about your business and combine it with keyword research to find out what terms people are actually typing in.

This also helps prevent irrelevant ads, where your ad pops up for a keyword that technically matches but isn’t relevant to what your customer is actually looking for. That would be like if we had an ad running for our paid ads service but it appeared in a search for ‘how to rank organically on Google’. While technically related, we’re not going to get a lot of clicks because it’s not what the customer is looking for.

The next thing needed is the content of your ads, including images or videos, and a good-quality landing page for the ad to go to. Generally, these landing pages are separate pages on the website dedicated to the campaign, which makes tracking the success of your campaign easy.

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Why Trust Digital Surfer As Your Google Ads Expert Agency Gold Coast?

The team at Digital Surfer are experts in the field with more than 50 years combined industry experience. Our paid ad strategies are developed after research into your industry and the keywords that are best for your business. We feel like it’s important to really know your business and what your customers are looking for to be able to get the best results from your campaign – and those results will be clear in the weekly reporting you receive. 

As an agency, we’re always learning and keeping on top of industry trends so we can incorporate updated best practice standards to your campaign as soon as we can for a continually effective campaign. We also provide paid ads management to businesses in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

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