How Main Lawyers Increased Organic Traffic By 363% Using SEO

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About Main Lawyers

Main Lawyers is a Gold Coast law firm offering legal services in workcover, car accidents, medical negligence, superannuation claims, insurance claims and general litigation. As a smaller legal practice, they have been able to simplify their processes to be able to provide the highest impact to their clients. While they were invested in their online growth to level up their business, they were also aware of strict advertising regulations for lawyers in Australia, and needed effective solutions that also met these guidelines.

Client Goals & Challenges

Digital Surfer started working with Main Lawyers in 2019. Their goal from the start was to increase leads, specifically phone calls and higher quality leads. When we first started working with the Gold Coast lawyers, we pinpointed their most profitable services, working on improving the online visibility and conversion optimisation of these pages first to bring the client the most valuable results.

As the business’s leads began to increase in quality and quantity, we moved into focusing on their expanded services. The team at Main Lawyers set us a challenge of building an online calculator for personal injury claim payments to support this popular enquiry for people looking to see how much compensation they could receive as a result of an injury. This would form part of their high-performance strategy, leading to our award at the 2024 APAC Search Awards. 

Main Lawyers Website After

Our first step for Main Lawyers was migrating and optimising their existing website to ensure it was up-to-date with both industry and marketing best practices and trends. This would include building out service and location pages, ensuring all new content was compliant with Australian legal advertising standards, limiting what lawyers can promote, the language they use and how they display images. 

Within months of starting their campaign and seeing the initial success, Main Lawyers bumped up their budget twice to further expand their strategy into further higher-value keywords. 

To enable us to increase their visibility for high-value keywords to reach their ideal audience, we built out more location-specific service pages to effectively capture leads from throughout South East Queensland. Informative, relevant blogs were then used as lead magnets to not only expand the business’s reach, but database to re-market to using other marketing strategies.

Our Strategy & Direction

APAC Search Best SEO Campaign

Campaign Results

The Results

Our SEO campaign for Main Lawyers was so effective it saw us take home the Best SEO Campaign at the 2024 APAC Search Awards. Some of our most impactful results that enabled Main Lawyers to level up and expand include:

  • A 245% increase in overall traffic year-on-year.
  • A 363% increase in organic traffic year-on-year. 
  • A 180% increase in phone call conversions between June 2022 to August 2023. 

These results saw Main Lawyers increase their turnover year-on-year by more than 100%, with a staggering 310% growth in turnover due to the introduction and marketing of their medical negligence services. The business attributes 70% of their high-value cases to our SEO work, leading to a 2955% return on investment in the last 12 months alone. We are not just a digital marketing agency to Main Lawyers — we are an integral partner in their success and growth.

Main Lawyers Best SEO Campaign 2024
Ryan & Peter at the 2024 APAC Search Awards
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