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Your business card is the first impression you give when meeting a potential customer face-to-face. But what about when they find you online for the first time? Does your website hold up?

More than ever, it’s crucial to have a website that customers can easily navigate and decide if they want to use your company – especially in the fast-paced corporate Melbourne scene. This should be the beginning of your digital marketing strategy – after all, what’s the point of marketing your business and directing your customers to your website if they can’t find what they need there?

Our in-house web developer Melbourne can create easy-to-navigate websites that are appealing to the eye and immediately offer the information your customers are looking for. Our goal is to assist you in creating an impactful first impression that tells your customers exactly who you are, what you do – and how they can benefit.

Of course, there are many ongoing aspects involved in a website, meaning that they can’t just be ‘set and forget’. At Digital Surfer, we can incorporate a range of features into any website, including chat windows, pricing calculators, calendars, and other unique aspects your business might need. We work with you to make sure that your website is set up to demonstrate to your customers why they should choose your business over the competitors.

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Why Hire a Web Design Company Melbourne?

We’ve already mentioned that a website is your business’ virtual first impression. And in today’s age, you really can’t get by without a website as it’s one of your main avenues for attracting new customers. This is especially true if you don’t do any offline marketing (and even if you do, chances are a customer will want to look you up online before they buy).

However, just having a website isn’t enough.

A poor website with clunky design, loads slowly or isn’t mobile responsive will have the same effect as not having a website at all. Customers won’t want to wait, and so will click out to find a competitor with a website they can use.

Our web designer Melbourne knows the tricks to create a responsive website design that represents your business and will demonstrate an increase of sales for your business. Not only will we create a modern responsive site we also are experts in all things digital marketing including SEO, Local SEO, e-commerce, paid ads and more.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Modern Website?

As with anything, websites become outdated. Have you ever clicked on a website and been able to tell just by looking at it that it hasn’t been updated since 1993?

It doesn’t fill customers with confidence – and in some cases, customers might even think that the business is no longer operational if the website hasn’t been updated in a long time.

A modern website design Melbourne needs to combine a variety of factors for the best user experience, which combines functionality with looks to encourage customers to take action – like booking online, buying a product, or picking up the phone.

Want To Update And Redesign Your Website?

If you have a website already, that’s great – but when was the last time it was updated?

Research suggests that websites should be updated every 2-3 years, due simply to how fast technology improves and trends change. As much as we’d love to simply build a website and leave it to work for us in the background, it needs to be kept up to date with style and best practice standards.

Not keeping up with these standards in speed, mobile responsiveness and usability will mean that your customers click away and ultimately, you end up losing business. 

At Digital Surfer, we have experience in refreshing websites to build upon the bones of what’s there to end up with a good looking, easy to use website. Simply get in touch with the team today.

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What Is A Mobile-Responsive Website?

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There’s almost nothing worse than looking at a website on your phone and realising that when it loads, it’s impossible to see and difficult to use on a small screen. In most cases, customers will simply leave the website in search of something easier to use. This is because in the last few years, there has been a shift in how people are using the internet, with most searches now being done on a mobile device.

It’s key to ensure your website is mobile responsive, as well as looking good on a full-sized computer screen. There are a few crucial aspects of mobile responsiveness that need to be considered when looking at website development Melbourne. These include resizing the site to look best on small screens, ensuring the spacing is consistent so that the content can still be read easily and isn’t overlapped with menus or images.

It also includes displaying menus or widgets differently to still display a full page, ensuring there’s no increase to site speed, and making sure the site can be navigated easily if using a touch screen.

As well as offering our initial design and web development Melbourne services, the team at Digital Surfer offers ongoing maintenance for your website. This is great for anyone who’s not necessarily technically-minded and will take care of updating plugins on the site, backing up data periodically, and generally making sure the website stays up and operational at all times.

Maintenance of your website is an important component of having the website and ensuring that it does well online. It makes sure that your website is always performing it’s best for customer usability. Not only that, websites with broken parts can also make customers lose confidence and leave the site.

At Digital Surfer, our website developers make sure to protect your website. Our schedule of regular backups and plugin updates ensures that your website is always up-to-date and that all of the moving parts are continuously working together.

Our maintenance schedule also means that your website can be restored, in the unlikely event that something happens to it.

Need Ongoing Maintenance For Your Website?

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Looking For A Web Design Agency Melbourne? Contact Digital Surfer.

Turn to Digital Surfer for modern, up-to-date websites that will stand out in the crowd. Melbourne is a big city with a market that’s always expanding, so make sure that you stand out in the competitive online market. Your website is your number-one tool in the digital age, so make sure it’s exceeding the standard and performing for you. Our expert team also completes website design and builds for businesses in BrisbaneSydney and on the Gold Coast.

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