A 3400% Increase In Calls In Six Months!

Plus One Vet – Brisbane Veterinary Clinic Combined Strategy Case Study

1090% Increase

Google Business profile clicks to website

316% increase

in Paid Ad conversions

39% Increase

in organic website traffic

Where did we start? 

This client came to us as a new business owner – opening a new veterinary clinic in Coopers Plains, Brisbane – intending to start marketing several months before the business opened in the hope to draw some traffic ahead of time. 

As such, this project required a new website build before SEO or Paid Ads could be started.

The client’s goal was to increase awareness about their new veterinary clinic in Brisbane, and start getting appointments booked to ensure the business started off on a good foot. The secondary goal was to establish a strong community presence, leading to long term, sustainable leads in the form of repeat patients.

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What was our strategy?

The initial stages of the strategy concerned the web build. The website was built live on the domain, with a coming soon page to cover the ongoing work. Initial keyword research was compiled from research and discussions with the client which informed the pages that were created, and the optimised content for the build. 

Simultaneously, the Google Business Profile was created and optimised in January while the website was being built which once the profile became verified, a strategy of posts was then implemented to promote key services or keywords to promote Google local rankings.

The keyword research was also used to inform the organic SEO strategy. An ongoing location strategy was implemented for content once the web build was complete, shifting to informative blogs once the key locations were covered.

The paid ads used different keywords to target specific demographics of customers for the clinic in order to promote specific services and occupy several spots on the Google search results page. Additionally, remarketing campaigns were created to target customers who had visited the website previously but not taken an action.

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Where is the client now

In the beginning, this client, as a new business, was not seeing any traffic or leads. This quickly changed as the campaign progressed.

The website went live in March 2022, and since then  has seen increases in traffic month over month from a variety of channels. For organic traffic specifically, traffic from Google has increased 39% from March 2022 to July 2022.

Additionally, there has been a significant increase in actions taken on the website, with a 61% increase in actions taken by customers who have come to the site via Google in just five months.

The Google Business Profile has seen a similar trajectory, with clicks from the profile to the website increasing by 1090% between January and July 2022, and calls to the clinic directly from the listing increasing by a huge 3400% since January, an amazing start for a new business.

The paid ads have also seen incredible results, with interactions on the ads rising from 371 in April 2022 to 837 in July 2022. In line with that, conversions have risen from 28 in April 2022 to 75 in July 2022 – an increase of 316%.

The client has been very happy with the progress of their campaigns so far, and is consistently busy. They have added another 3 vets to the clinic along with expanding into opening another new Brisbane vet clinic to manage the influx of business coming in through various channels.

Visit website: plusonevet.com.au

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Expanded Location Strategy and Impressive Growth into 2023

Over the past year, Plus One Vet has continued to thrive and expand its presence in the veterinary care industry in Brisbane. Building on the successful strategies implemented previously, the clinic embarked on a focused expansion campaign, which has yielded remarkable results.

Plus One Vet Location Pages

Continued Strategy:

To cater to the diverse demographics and geography of Brisbane, a strategic approach was taken for the Plus One Vet campaign. On the back of their initial success, additional detailed location-specific pages were created with original and unique content tailored to each individual location’s geography and demographics. This approach allowed the clinic to connect with their audience on a more personal level, addressing their unique needs and concerns.

One addition of note was the implementation of embedded Google Maps on their website, providing step-by-step directions to the clinic. This not only made it convenient for potential customers to find their way, but also emphasised that the clinic was in close proximity to various suburbs, despite not being physically located within those areas.

Recognising the opportunity to serve communities with higher Asian populations within a 10-15 minute drive of the clinic, Plus One Vet adjusted its advertising strategy to target these specific locations. This culturally sensitive approach helped the clinic resonate with its target audience and fostered stronger connections within these communities.


The results of these strategic initiatives have been rising month on month. Plus One Vet’s growth trajectory continued on an upward trend, demonstrating their effectiveness in meeting their goals:

Opening Second Vet Clinic: In a testament to their rapid success and strong demand for their services, Plus One Vet opened its second clinic just 18 months after initially launching the business.

Page One Rankings: The clinic achieved page one rankings for seven location-specific pages, solidifying their online presence and visibility in key areas.

Google Business Profile (GBP) Calls: The most impressive growth has been in GBP calls, with a remarkable 119% increase, soaring from 118 calls in June 2022 to 259 calls in August 2023. This statistic underscores the clinic’s reputation and the trust they’ve built with their clients.

Overall Traffic: Plus One Vet experienced a significant 59% increase in overall website traffic, with the number of visitors surging from 944 in June 2022 to 1504 in August 2023. This spike in traffic reflects their growing brand awareness and online engagement.

Organic Traffic: The clinic’s organic traffic saw a remarkable increase of 161%, increasing from 274 in June 2022 to 715 visitors in August 2023. This metric highlights the effectiveness of their location-specific content strategy and SEO efforts.

Plus One Vet Organic Traffic

These outstanding results have cemented Plus One Vet’s position as a thriving veterinary clinic in the competitive Brisbane market. Their commitment to tailored, community-oriented strategies has not only yielded impressive numbers but has also contributed to the well-being of pets throughout the region. With their ongoing dedication to excellence, Plus One Vet is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.

Plus One Vet GSC Results

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