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About Concrete Floor Renovations

Concrete Floor Renovations is a residential, commercial and industrial concrete and epoxy flooring company in Melbourne. Established in 2003, the business is backed by owner Dominic Kinsella’s 20+ years in the construction and flooring industry, known for their outstanding quality work. In 2022, they reached out to Digital Surfer on their pursuit of growing their business and improving their marketing efficiency.

Client Goals & Challenges

The ultimate goal for Concrete Floor Renovations was to improve lead quality and quantity, while reducing administrative overhead. To level up their business, they wanted to increase their commercial and industrial clientele, looking to expand their visibility and reputation with warehouses, car park developers, cafés, breweries and offices. While they currently had a website, they were looking for a way to expand their reach, both organically and through paid marketing.

CFR Paid Ads in Google

Our SEO & Paid Ads Strategy

To help Concrete Floor Renovations meet their goals, our team at Digital Surfer devised a multi-step plan, focusing on increasing their visibility, while reducing the costs of acquiring new clients.

Our first step was to optimise the business’s website to better qualify leads they received. By requiring potential clients to submit more comprehensive job details, the business could receive more qualified leads, reducing their administrative time and overheads, a big goal for them. With the quality of enquiries now sorted, we could focus on increasing the quantity of these high-quality leads.

On the website itself, we focused on building out demographic and location-specific content. This included expanding content for commercial and industrial services, focusing on solving pain points for their ideal client. To further increase their visibility in Melbourne and surrounds, we established three Google Business Profiles to allow us to reach their audience in their goal areas. 

With the SEO campaign underway and increasing their organic visibility, we launched comprehensive Search and Performance Max Google Ads campaigns. These ads focused on targeting industrial and commercial demographics who were searching for concrete renovation services. One of the campaigns narrowed down who the ads showed to even further, targeting men aged 18 to 54, previous website visitors and individuals who had visited competitors’ websites. This would allow us to not only increase the number of leads and the quality of these conversions, but lower the cost each of these cost Concrete Floor Renovations.

Our Strategy & Direction

Organic rankings in Google

Campaign Results

The Results

Between 2022 and 2023, Concrete Floor Renovations saw an impressive increase in lead quantity and quality. These results included:

  • A 220% increase in overall website traffic, demonstrating a growth in both their organic and paid visibility.
  • A 200% increase in organic traffic, a testament to the strength of their organic campaign.
  • A conversion rate of 6.42% and 37 conversions with only a $2,100.41 ad spend into paid Search ads.
  • A 2.45% conversion rate with a massive 513 conversions from their Performance Max Campaign, with only a $4214.80 ad spend.

The business’s cost per click per campaign ranged from just $0.50 to $3.65, while increasing their pre-qualified conversions from their ideal commercial and industrial target market. With a combined SEO and paid ads digital marketing strategy, we were able to help the business not only increase their leads, but the quality of their conversions to save them time and make them more money.

DS Level Up

With Digital Surfer

At Digital Surfer, we don’t just bring you more enquiries. We ensure those leads are the right kind to help you level up your business.

If you’re ready to transform your business and reach your goals, it’s time we had a chat. Our Melbourne digital marketing team will customise a campaign to help you increase your incoming business and how much each lead is costing you. Leave your details and we’ll get back to you soon, or give us a call.