Generate More, Higher-Quality Leads & Sales With A Paid Advertising Strategy

Paid ads can either be an incredibly powerful lead and sales-generating tool, or a big waste of money. To ensure your hard-earned investment is giving you an impactful return, we utilise advanced conversion tracking methods and analytical tools to refine your campaigns down to the finest detail to bring you results that help you level up your business.

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Paid Advertising Strategy

Paid advertising is right for you if you have:

Reason #1 to work with Digital Surfer

At Least $5K Per Month to Invest

If you know you need to invest to grow, then you’re in the right mind frame to utilise paid ads. What we do is give you a return you can see, through tracking calls, enquiries and more.

Reason #2 to work with Digital Surfer

The Time to Take On More Clients

What’s the point of getting leads if you don’t have time to service them? Before you start paid ads with us, we ensure you have the capacity to effectively manage more clients or customers. 

Reason #3 to work with Digital Surfer

Big Goals You Need to Achieve

Google Ads can be great if you’re trying to keep the doors open. But that’s not who we work with. At Digital Surfer, we use Google Ads to take you to a completely other level.

Tried paid ads in the past and they haven’t worked? We can change that.

Paid Advertising Strategy

The problem big businesses often face when trying to start Google Ads, Microsoft Ads or Meta Ads is trying to claim highly competitive digital space. Unless you know what you’re doing, you can quickly eat up your budget with not much to show for it. Sound familiar?

At Digital Surfer, our award-winning search specialists have invested countless hours in learning advanced data tracking methods to monitor the behaviour of every person who interacts with your ads and website. This data goes beyond how many people click on your ads and their age. It dives into their behaviour online, where else they interact with your website, even what they say when they call you. We then use this data to refine your ads to ensure every $1 you invest gives you a valuable return to grow your business.

Award-Winning Paid Ads Specialists

Social media or search engine ads? You no longer need to decide.

Every business is unique and we treat your paid ad campaign as such. When we look at what paid ad platforms to use, we look at where your clientele will be and when. We then optimise your campaigns across a variety of platforms like Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger), Google and Microsoft to get you the results you need.

Working with Digital Surfer means you’re not just locked into one platform and package. You simply invest in paid ads to get results, and we do the rest, wherever you need to be.

Paid Advertising Strategy

Discover How We Help Big Businesses Get Even Bigger With Paid Ads

Hear from our clients about how we’ve helped them get the results they need to take on more staff, open more locations, increase their turnover and more.

DS Level Up

Your Business With Digital Surfer

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Our Paid Ads campaigns use data to put you where you need to be to help you claim your digital space and grow your business.

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