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Content is king in the world of digital marketing. However, creating content that both potential customers and search engines love can be a hard art to master. This is why we have Australian-based content writers who have mastered their craft to work for you and help you grow your business.

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Why Use Our Content Writing Services

Reason #1 to work with Digital Surfer

Expert Australian-Based Writers

The content writers who’ll be working on your content are right here in Australia. They know your target audience and the right words to entice them to book, buy or enquire.

Reason #2 to work with Digital Surfer

Duplicate Text Checkers in Place

Duplicate content is a common reason why websites don’t rank well on search engines. With our team, you’ll know you have only the most unique content, checked with care.

Reason #3 to work with Digital Surfer

User-Experience Specialised Content

Did you know certain words motivate people to perform certain actions more than others? Your content will use these ‘trigger’ words to help increase your revenue.

No AI. No cheap overseas writers. Just expert writers who love what they do.

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AI tools and overseas writers have their time and place. But when you’re an Australian business really wanting to level up and go places, you need homegrown content writers who can transform your wording into works of art your ideal customers connect to.

While the use of AI tools helps speed up some processes, our writers ensure every word is aimed at getting you in front of who you need to be in front of and winning them over. Plus, being here in Australia, they can shape your content to current trends, news, and more, depending on what’s needed.

Award-Winning Content Writing Specialists

Why hire writers when you can just use AI? We’re glad you asked!

AI is not a copy-and-paste content tool. In fact, studies are showing a steady decline in accuracy, with as little as 3% accuracy. Could you take the risk?

Quality content takes time, expertise, and care. It’s not only choosing the right words to entice your customers and make search engines fall in love with you, it’s also knowing how to build a story and position to want to choose you. This is what our expert content writers do so you don’t have to.

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APAC Search Best SEO Campaign

Discover How Our Content Writers Have Helped with Our Clients Campaigns & Growth

Our content writers collaborate with our designers, developers, SEO and ads specialists to create content and copy to get you the results you need. They dive into the analytics, monitoring the behaviour of your customers to create content that appeals to online browsers to encourage them to buy or contact you. Just take a look at our award-winning results for Main Lawyers. With a content and website overhaul focusing on helpful content, we were able to increase traffic to their website by 245%, giving them a 213% increase in leads. This resulted in our team winning the “Best SEO Campaign” Award at the 2024 APAC Search Awards

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At Digital Surfer, we work with businesses Australia-wide, specialising in big businesses looking to compete in some of the most competitive landscapes, including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

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Need more content for your website? Speak with our team to see how we can get you higher in search results, seen by people who actually need your service or product, and increase your return on investment through expertly written content.

When we look at what you need, we first look at the goal you’re trying to reach, and then build your campaign around how to get you there — not the other way around. Contact us today to find out more.