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Online shopping grew by more than 23.4% (Australia Post) in 2022, meaning if you haven’t stepped up your eCommerce marketing efforts, your competitors likely have!

At Digital Surfer, we help sales-hungry businesses wanting to tackle that next million dollars in turnover with goal-driven marketing that will drive your revenue. By treating your marketing like a puzzle, we can find the gaps missing in your marketing strategy and plan, helping you squeeze every last drop out of your online presence. Contact us now to find out how we can make it happen for your business.

How We Can Help You Grow Your eCommerce Business

To grow your business, you need sales. While it may feel like other big businesses are just throwing ads up and making it big, there is a lot more to it. There’s keyword research, user optimisation, audience segmentation, re-marketing and so much more needed to actually get you those results. Check out some of our top tactics for getting you those results you need.

Reason #1 to work with Digital Surfer

eCommerce Website Builds

The more clicks and effort someone has to put in to buy from you, the less likely it’s going to happen. Our eCommerce web design experts help create a sales funnel that is simple and effective, making every website visitor more likely to press that Buy button.

Reason #2 to work with Digital Surfer

eCommerce SEO Services

It all starts with Google — literally. Nearly half of online shoppers start with a Google search, so if you’re not easy to find, well, you won’t be making nearly as many sales as you could! But how do you do it? That’s easy! You contact our eCommerce SEO experts and we get you there.

Reason #3 to work with Digital Surfer

eCommerce Paid Ads

Google Shopping Ads reportedly account for 85.4% of all clicks (Bloomtools). With one of our award-winning eCommerce ads strategies behind your store, you can ensure you’re claiming your share (and your competitors’) of those clicks and sales.

Get From Abandoned Carts to Buy with Bing & Google Shopping Ads

The right eCommerce shopping campaign is a powerful tool for online stores wanting to go to another level. Even if someone leaves your website or abandons a cart without buying from you, we can set up ads to get them back to your site and finish their transaction. It can be the difference between making $1 million in sales and $5 million (or more) in sales each and every year.

Not making sales? It could be your eCommerce web design!

Of course, ads can only bring people to your website… so, if your pages are not designed and optimised to make buying from you easy and enticing, you’ll still not be making sales.

Before running ads, we assess your website’s user experience, design and content, ensuring every website visitor is more likely to make a purchase. As we optimise your ads, we’ll measure and test different ways to get more sales for your business and get you to your next goal. It’s all about smarter marketing, utilising data and audience insights to lead you to success.

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See How We Roll — eCommerce Case Studies So You Can See What to Expect

Our eCommerce marketing experts help businesses from all over Australia, from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, to Sydney, Melbourne and everywhere in between, far and wide. See how we have helped take these businesses to a whole other level with our strategic marketing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About eCommerce Digital Marketing

What is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO is the activity of optimising your online store and presence to improve your visibility in organic search engine results. The goal is to improve your position in the most relevant search engine results for what you sell to increase clicks through to your products to encourage sales.

There are hundreds of factors involved in eCommerce SEO, from how to structure your page and the content to technical aspects, like speed, usability and more. However, with the right eCommerce SEO and marketing strategy, you can increase your sales and revenue by millions of dollars, so it is very much worth it.

What is eCommerce market segmentation?

eCommerce market segmentation is the process of assessing and categorising customers by different shared attributes and buying behaviours to optimise marketing and sales efforts. Segmentations may be by age, gender, location, devices used to browse online, most active times of day, interests and more. With this data, you can refine who you’re marketing to and how you communicate with them through different marketing and advertising channels to improve your results, and ultimately, sales.

What ad is best for an eCommerce website?

Google Ads, Bing (Microsoft Ads), Facebook and Instagram Ads, and TikTok Ads are some of the most popular ad platforms for eCommerce websites. These platforms allow eCommerce stores to advertise and place their products in front of people in the right places at the right time to increase website traffic and sales. eCommerce ads can also allow you to remarket to people who have abandoned their cart or left your website without buying to help encourage them to complete the sale. There are many different eCommerce paid advertising strategies you can use to increase your sales, which is where a paid ads agency can help you get the best results for your business.

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