Sarah Russo

Marketing & Content Creative

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am Digital Surfer’s Marketing & Content Creative. What I do here is a combination of brand and marketing strategy, and creative for Digital Surfer itself, as well as using my UX-content talents to help with some client content too.

My holistic approach to marketing and content creation, as well as my background in data and analytics, gives me a unique skill set for seeing businesses and how they get themselves out there as a whole, not just individual tools or methods.

Sarah's Story

Sarah grew up on the North-side of Brisbane, before finding her home on the Gold Coast, QLD as a teenager. Having adored art, English and technology classes in school, she always wanted a career that allowed her ‘nerdy’ side to marry with her creative side. While law, fashion design and editorial were all considered, she found her home in marketing, public relations and communications.

However, Sarah’s experience is not like most people in the industry. With the need to work pulling Sarah from university, she was still hungry for a fulfilling career. So, while she took front office and sales jobs, even working in real estate offices and magazine publishers, she always drank any information she could get, finding herself mentored by some of the best in their fields. As her career in marketing and content creation grew, she took her background in customer experience and sales, and her technical experience to branch into user-experience content marketing.

After nearly 8 years with one of Australia’s largest agencies and a handful of in-house awards, Sarah found her way to Digital Surfer, as well as launching her own successful content marketing business. While her business venture takes up the majority of her time, she still likes to laze around with a good book and her two cats.

Sarah says something that always surprises people is her love for gaming. She says people are often thrown off by her love for hair and make-up, but finds no greater joy than immersing herself in an open-world adventure, also occasionally dabbling in a first-person shooter or battle royale game. It’s her dream to eventually start streaming, but has other goals to tick off her list first.

What is a marketing and content creative?

A marketing and content creative brings together strategy and engaging copy, visuals and more to increase the presence of a business. While often thought of as just the creator of website and blog content, a marketing and content creative does so much more. They may specialise in one specific platform or many at one time to find new and innovative ways to help businesses get in front of their ideal audience.

From websites, blogs, case studies and downloadables to social media, email marketing, podcasts, videos and more, a marketing and content creative can tap into many areas to enhance a business’s public perception and visibility.

Sarah's Top Specialities

Content Writing & Optimisation
Organic & Brand Marketing
UX Strategy
Marketing Consulting
Visual Content Creation
Communications Management

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