Venus Rodrigo

Technical SEO Specialist

Hi, I’m Venus, but you can call me Ven! I am Digital Surfer’s Technical SEO Specialist, helping make your website easier for users and search engines to explore.

My work with Digital Surfer sees me helping businesses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the more competitive locations of Australia. My job is to ensure your website loads fast, is compatible with all devices, and works the way Google, other search engines and users would expect a good-quality website from a business to work.

My zest for knowledge in the digital marketing world, allows me to love the drive and challenge to continually keep up with the forever-changing algorithm changes by Google, Bing, and other search engines. I enjoy implementing changes to our client’s campaigns to ensure that their online presence is not affected negatively by these changes and flourishes further when they meet all the quality aspects a website and online presence should have.

Ven's Story

Ven is a weapon in the web development and search engine optimisation space. After graduating with a Bachelor in Science in Information Technology, Majoring in Net and Web, Ven entered her first-ever job in IT support for Microsoft. Yes, that Microsoft.

While she loved IT, it was her fascination for the internet and how it truly worked that saw her pursue a career in SEO and paid ads. She is truly passionate about learning everything there is know about how the internet works, and growing as technology advances, all in the name of helping businesses put their best foot forward when trying to rank their web pages online.

Born and raised in the oldest province in the Phillipines, Bataan, Ven has always loved exploring her country, heritage and its glorious history. She loves camping to really immerse herself in nature, but also happens to spend much time in the kitchen, baking and spending time with her family.

Ven is one of those people who isn’t only smiling all the time, but can easily help brighten any room. She says she’s very easy to please and laughs at everything, even the corniest of jokes, so she fits right in with the Digital Surfer team.

As a woman in tech who is incredibly skilled, Ven is an amazing asset to us, our clients, and the industry as a whole.

What is a technical SEO specialist?

A technical SEO specialist aims to optimise the user experience of a website, which helps to allow search engines easier access to increase your chances of your web pages ranking. Technical SEO specialists work on what is known as the backend of websites, which involves ensuring everything works as it should and to its absolute best. This includes optimising code, plug-ins, website themes and more are updated, secure, fast and bettering a user’s performance.

Technical SEO is an essential role in ensuring your website can be found and used easily.

Ven's Top Specialities

Technical SEO Audits
Search Engine Optimisation
Off-Page SEO Strategy
Paid Ads Implementation
Linkbuilding & Outreach
Landing Page Optimisation

Need an SEO specialist in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or elsewhere in Australia?

Ven and our SEO team are here to help you increase the number of visitors to your website. If your website is nowhere to be found on search engines or isn’t being found by the right people, we can help turn that around, increasing your chances of receiving enquiries or making sales. Contact us today to level up your business.