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At Digital Surfer, we do SEO like no one else. Our personalised services go beyond just rankings – our goal is to help your business flourish online, and to help you ultimately make more money. 

We make a point to ensure each of our core team is an expert in their field, whether that’s organic SEO, local SEO, website design or even content marketing. 

Imagine what you can achieve by making sure your website will show up in front of the people who are searching for it. 

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Digital Surfers’ Background

Our focus is bigger and better results for our customers

We started out as a small team on the Gold Coast, and we’ve since expanded to several other capital cities in Australia – including here in Brisbane. 

We offer holistic strategies to digital marketing, which means we help you by crafting a plan that meets all your online marketing needs. Not every strategy will work for every business, which is why we steer clear of cookie cutter, one size fits all approaches that some other agencies use.

Keeping things personal is important to us because we’re driven to help you succeed. The Digital Surfer team is also honest and transparent about all the work we do. When it comes to your marketing, you need partners who are 100% aligned with you. They need to understand the local marketplace and the context your business works within just as well as you do.

In fact, we’ve just been independently ranked as one of the leading SEO companies in Brisbane by AGS Rankings – so you know you’re getting the real deal.

Here’s why our clients love working with us here at Digital Surfer:

Reasons why our clients choose a SEO consultant Brisbane for their needs

As an agency with over 7 years of experience, our team has worked on many successful SEO projects across many industries. Our clients choose us because we offer:

  • Turnkey solutions for building a solid presence in search results
  • Transparent and honest SEO services, rare in our industry
  • An integrated SEO approach that focuses on ROI
  • 100% customer dedication and satisfaction
  • Extensive SEO & Local SEO expertise and years of experience
  • Optimising your website using SEO

We help businesses like yours grow through search engine marketing.

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At Digital Surfer, we care about more than just rankings

Our approach to SEO is about more than just rankings though. Each of our Brisbane SEO consultants collaborates with you to help you achieve your business goals.

At Digital Surfer, we care about seeing your business succeed, so we make sure your campaign is aligned with your business strategy and what you need – rather than just rankings. 

When we choose which keywords to target for your rankings, we do a lot of research as this is a sizable part of the process. Ranking in the number one spot for easy keywords is fine, but you run the risk of them being easy because no one else is searching them or they’re not completely right for your business. This also means you won’t really succeed in growing your business, because you’re not growing your reach. 

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On the other hand, if you’re being found but the phone’s not ringing, that’s a different aspect of the strategy that needs addressing. After all, getting the phone to ring and booking more jobs is the whole reason you’re investing in marketing.

Our team are experts at balancing all of these components so that you can start to see real results.

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