SEO Melbourne — What You Need to Get Ahead of the Competition

We don’t need to tell you how competitive Melbourne is. But what you need to remember is every business is unique, and your marketing strategy and plan should be too. Through our custom SEO services in Melbourne, we can help you stand out from the crowd and pave your name as an industry leader.

If this is the year you said you would grow your team, expand your locations, reach that $2 million, $5 million, $10 million mark or move to a bigger, better office, then this is your sign. SEO is your golden ticket to increasing your business’s online presence and raking in the enquiries or sales you need to get to that goal. Let’s chat about how to make it happen.

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Custom & Flexible Melbourne SEO Services to Deliver You Results, Not Promises

No two SEO campaigns at Digital Surfer are the same. We don’t have cookie cutter packages, nor services. Your SEO campaign will be built around your goal and the opportunities that can help get you there. 

Reason #1 to work with Digital Surfer

International & National SEO

Search engines speak in relevance. They want to know what’s on the page they’re showing searchers is going to benefit them. By using this mission, we can help your business rank in any country, whether that’s where you’re physically located or not.

Reason #2 to work with Digital Surfer

Local SEO

Melbourne local SEO is incredibly competitive regardless of your industry. Through data-backed decisions, we can not only get you climbing your ideal search results, but clambering over your competitors to claim your digital space.

Reason #3 to work with Digital Surfer

Enterprise SEO

Expanding your business often means new locations. And new locations means your SEO needs to be growing with you. Our international and national SEO services help you grow the online presence for each of your locations or service areas, levelling up each one.

Reason #1 to work with Digital Surfer

eCommerce SEO

They say online shopping is the way of the future, and if you’re using the right SEO strategy, that future is looking brighter every day! By utilising signposting and the right content, we can point Google towards your online products to get more people to your site.

Reason #3 to work with Digital Surfer

Lead Generation SEO

Leads aren’t necessarily the goal of SEO, but it doesn’t mean they sure don’t happen! Our Melbourne SEO experts focus on ensuring your website is providing an amazing experience so every visitor to your website from search engines is a chance for new business.

Put a Multi-Award Winning Melbourne SEO Agency Behind Your Website’s Performance

There are many SEO experts in Melbourne, but none quite like our team. Digital Surfer has become a name known for performance. From winning the 2022 SEMrush AU Search Awards Best SEO Campaign (amongst many other nominations), to taking home some of the biggest awards and finalist places in the business and marketing world, we are always striving to do more for our business community.

Each of our team has been hand selected for their own specialised skills. Whether that’s in technical or creative SEO to organic strategies and content, we cover all the bases to leave no stone unturned when it comes to your potential for success. Contact us now and let’s talk about how we can help you take your business to another level time and time again.

Melbourne SEO Consultants Who Works Towards Your Business’s Goals

Who doesn’t want more money? Our Melbourne SEO consultants build your campaign around how you can best make more money, whether that’s your product with the highest return on investment, increasing visibility for your lesser known products or services, or refining your user experience to increase your overall enquiry conversion rate. Your goals are the cornerstone of your entire campaign, helping lead you to more revenue to expand and level up your business.

As your organic search partners, you’ll not only have someone to monitor your performance and optimise your website, but a support system for your business. Your journey is our journey, and we cement ourselves in your success, paving the way for you to make the road as smooth as possible.

Our Awards & Partnerships

Do we get results? Check out our SEO case Studies to see for yourself!

How does an 84.9% increase in sales in 12 months sound? Or would you like to see a more than 1,000% increase in visitors to your website? These are all results we have achieved for our clients. Browse our case studies for even more incredible results.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO in Melbourne

Who is the best SEO in Melbourne?

Digital Surfer is the winner of the SEMrush AU 2022 Best SEO Campaign Award. Our dedication to performance-based marketing through analytics, creativity and forward-thinking has seen us be recognised through multiple awards, nominations and accreditations as leaders in SEO in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Is it worth hiring an SEO expert?

Yes, hiring an SEO expert is worth it as they can help you save time, improve your return on investment and help you grow your business sooner. SEO experts are always learning and evolving with Google’s algorithm updates so they know what is needed to help improve a website’s performance to rank better on search engines. So, the goal of someone who works in SEO  is not only to get you where you want to be on those search results pages, but keep you there too. 

If you’re questioning whether worth hiring an SEO expert, ask yourself:

  • Do I have time to dedicate each week to following SEO news and upskilling, as well as analysing and optimising my site?
  • Would I know what to do if my website traffic suddenly dropped?
  • Am I receiving a steady or increasing amount of traffic from organic search engine results?
  • Do I know exactly where my website is showing in search engine results and for what types of searches?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it’s time to give an SEO agency, like Digital Surfer in Melbourne, a call. 

When should I hire an SEO expert?

You can hire an SEO expert at any time during or after launching a website. Maybe SEO agencies can also build websites, helping ensure your site is optimised for search engines from the moment it goes live online. If you have a new or old website and it’s not ranking online, or it’s not where you’d like it to be, then an SEO expert can help you get better results.

Even if you are receiving plenty of organic traffic to your website, an SEO expert can help you find more opportunities for increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic. Sometimes, web pages rank well on pages that aren’t relevant to what they do. So, even though people are finding them and even may be visiting that page, they aren’t converting as the page isn’t relevant to what they were searching for. SEO agencies specialise in getting you both the quantity and quality traffic you need.

Level Up Your Business In The Most Competitive Locations

At Digital Surfer, we specialise in helping businesses in the main metropolitan areas, like Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne not only compete but become a powerhouse in their industry.

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