Adobe Business Catalyst End of Life

As of September 2021, Adobe’s Business Catalyst will shut down and stop hosting websites. That is to say, everything will be deleted once that happens. Can you afford to wait until the last minute and chance not having a website?

September 2021 may seem like a long time away, but things move quickly in the digital world. You need to start thinking about the future now – where will you move your website to so that it doesn’t disappear when Business Catalyst does?

The answer? Digital Surfer.

Based on the Gold Coast, we’re experts in website design and development. This means that migrating your website from Business Catalyst to our WordPress-based hosting is no problem at all, and can be done easily in the background within a day for small websites or 2-3 days for ecommerce websites.

We also complete each migration with an SEO focus. It’s a tricky thing, migrating a website that’s already ranking well on Google, and if you’re not careful, you can lose those rankings altogether. We make sure to migrate each site with an eye on your SEO to make sure that those rankings are brought across as close to their original position as possible.

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The migration process is different for everyone, as there are a few different factors to consider such as the size of your website, how many pages there are, whether you have an e-commerce platform, and many more. Luckily, the front end of your website won’t be affected during the transition, as the migration is just moving your back-end data from one place to another. This means your customers won’t notice a thing. 

Call us today to have a chat about what’s involved in the migration process for your website specifically.


Use your Business Catalyst end-of-life migration to update your site.


While you’re looking at your website, deciding where to migrate it, you should also have a look at its functionality. The average lifespan for a website is 2-3 years before it needs a new look and update to its technology – when was the last time your website was updated? 

This might be the perfect opportunity for you to jazz up your website and make sure it’s functioning the way it’s supposed to.


Some aspects of a good website include:

Mobile responsiveness

More searches than ever are done on mobile phones, but no one’s going to stay on your website if it’s difficult to navigate, images are overlapping, it looks like a shrunken desktop version, or something else. It’s important to have a website that adapts and looks good on a variety of smaller screens.

Load speed

Website load speed has become a significant factor in how Google ranks your website, and has a huge impact on customer experience. You want to make sure that your website loads as fast as it can so that customers don’t become unsatisfied and go somewhere else

Up-to-date content

Does your website still advertise that service you stopped offering 5 years ago that you’ve never gotten around to taking off the page? This is the perfect opportunity to review all of your content and make sure your website talks about the specific, current services you offer. This lets both customers and Google know that you’re experts in your field.

Adobe Business Catalyst Migration Brisbane

Find out more about our website design services, or view our website design portfolio here.

Why choose Digital Surfer to migrate your website from Business Catalyst?

At Digital Surfer, we’re not only committed to helping your business operate, we’re also committed to helping you prosper. We maintain and create backups of each website regularly, to ensure the back end of your websites such as plugins and security is always up to date. This also protects against malware and other intrusions to your website, so it’s as safe as we can make it.

Not only that, we’re a comprehensive digital agency with an emphasis on SEO strategies, so all of the work our team does on your website is completed through this lens to ensure the foundation of SEO is there so Google will recognise your website. This can then be expanded on if ever you choose to start an SEO & Local SEO campaign for your business

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