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If you’re a business with big dreams, we’re the Brisbane web design agency to help you get there. With a website built using data, you’re no longer guessing at what will help grow your business; you know for sure. It’s how we help our clients reach their next million, open new locations and grow their team time and time again.

But we don’t just work with any business. Our clients know where they want to be in the next year, two years, three years and beyond, becoming the benchmark for success in their industry. And we are there by their side to get it done. If you want to join them, contact us today.

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The Only Way to Do Website Design in Brisbane

When you choose Digital Surfer, you work directly with the people building your website; no customer service people, no gateways. Just real, transparent Brisbane website design services that help you get the results you need.

Reason #1 to work with Digital Surfer

100% Australian Content

AI is great for so many things, but website content is not one of them. Remember, AI is only using information and language already online, which may not be accurate or unique either. This is why we only use 100% Australian-based content experts that know the right words to help you grow your business.

Reason #2 to work with Digital Surfer

Award-Winning SEO Team

From day one, your website will be ready to compete on search engines, bringing you new visitors who our design will encourage to become a customer. By having technical SEO and strategists revise your website, we help you lift your game before you’ve even stepped foot in the search engine optimisation arena.

Reason #3 to work with Digital Surfer

Designs Backed By Data

From button colour and placement to how users navigate from page to page, every element of your website design will be backed by audience data. Remember, you’re investing in results, and our web designers in Brisbane know how to layout and design your site to lead people to exactly where you want them to go.

How Our Brisbane Web Designers Will Help You Reach Your Next Million-Dollar Goal

Becoming a million-dollar business is achievable when you have Brisbane web designers behind you who are as invested in your success as you are. Your website is key to the success of all your other marketing, so we ensure your site is optimised, not only for ads and search engines, but also leading people to buy and contact you. But how do we do it?

The answer is data, technology and extremely talented people. Our Brisbane website designers, developers, content writers and optimisers have years of experience in adapting and utilising the latest best practices and trends, customising every skill to the ideal target audience. By optimising your content, website structure, design, images, backend data and technical aspects, your website will be a valuable tool you don’t know how you ever did without.

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How Our Brisbane Web Developers Can Help You

Big sites, little sites, sites that sell while you sleep — whatever you need, our Brisbane web developers can build. Every website is completely custom built to what your business needs to succeed online, helping you get to that next level.

Custom Websites

While every Digital Surfer website is built from scratch, some sites need a little extra skill in designing and developing the features you need or to stand out from the crowd. With a custom website build, you’ll have the key to unlock the door to success.

eCommerce Websites

Selling your products, memberships or courses online could be the extra juice you need to reach your next million dollars (or more). Your eCommerce website built by us – whether it’s Shopify or WooCommerce -will be secure, easy to use and optimised to win you sales everytime someone visits your site.

Simple, Effective Websites

Don’t need a website with all the bells and whistles? A simple, effective website built by our Brisbane website specialists will give you just that, but with the power you still need to rank on search engines and for your ads to perform well.

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Choose the Brisbane Web Design Company Who Puts Results First

What you put into your website is what it’s going to give back. By investing in a smart, user-friendly and optimised website with our Brisbane web design company, you’ll have the confidence to make big plans and know you have what you need to achieve them. From ensuring you have the right pages and content to those little effects, like button hovers, that help improve clicks to your products and enquiries, we do everything in our power to give you the best cornerstone for your marketing.

If you’re ready to invest in a website that helps you get the results you need, then let’s talk.

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Why We’re The 5-Star Website Design Agency in Brisbane

Len Tomey
Len Tomey
The Digital Surfer team have been working on my online marketing strategy since Jan 2023. Big lift in website leads and phone bookings, which are all tracked. Good monthly overview supplied, always looking for improvements, nothing too much trouble. Thank you
Annette O'Brien
Annette O'Brien
Todd was great to deal with and we are happy with the new website he created and the quick turnaround. It has only just gone live so we are still waiting to see how it performs on Google etc, but overall, we are happy with it. Todd has great customer service and responds to emails/ requests in a very timely manner.
Beau Creswick
Beau Creswick
Exceptional work building our new website. Staff were really helpful and knowledgeable. Made our website build easy and cost effective.
Tony Ferruccio
Tony Ferruccio
hard working tight group... Delivering
Mikel Real
Mikel Real
A welcoming and friendly team with a wealth of expertise in the SEO & Web Design space. Would happily recommend Digital Sufer
Rowena Hobbins
Rowena Hobbins
A big shout out to the team at digital surfer. Peter, Ryan and Sam have been the dream team with our website, coding and SEO. Every aspect has always been promptly updated and attended too and the team listen to any concerns changing and shifting to our market. We appreciate everyone and everything that they have created to make sure our website shows the quality of our business and to help generate more leads too.
Laura Tacey
Laura Tacey
I am currently working with Kerry as we have a mutual client for copywriting and SEO. She is a pleasure to collaborate with and her guidance has been truly appreciated. Highly recommend working with this incredible team!
Alex Ducati
Alex Ducati
Highly recommended digital surfer, the team work great and guide you through all the marketing steps that you required to boost up your business and communicate efficiently and solve the problem quickly. Made your dollar worth
Adrian Hanks
Adrian Hanks
Todd from Digital Surfer built an amazing website for my charity organisation. It looks and feels very professional and I have had so much great feedback ... Thank you Todd and the Digital Surfer team.
Enersol Electrical
Enersol Electrical
We used Digital Surfer to build our website and they were fantastic through the whole process. From the moment we made contact with them we felt welcomed. They took the time to listen to what we wanted to achieve and provided expert advice and guidance in a personal setting which gave us the confidence in knowing we were going to get a high level outcome. We ended up with a professional, functional, user friendly website which complemented our business and helped us get our brand out to the local community online, bring in more business and let us then focus on what we do best. We highly recommend Digital Surfer for all your digital needs. Thank you Peter, Renee and the team. You are awesome!

Frequently Asked Web Design Questions

How do I choose the right web design agency?

The top things to consider when choosing the right web design agency include:

  • The reputation of the web design agency. Check their online reviews and testimonials to see what others have to say about them, as well as for any awards they may have won.
  • The quality of their past work. Check out examples of their work, either through case studies or a portfolio on their website, social media or by contacting them. 
  • Your budget. The average website costs between $3,000 to $10,000+ to build. The right web design agency can advise on the right website for your business that works with your budget and goals.
  • Your timeline. Some web design agencies have waitlists of several months, so if you need a website fast, finding someone who can give you that will be important.
  • Your requirements. Knowing what you need in a website, like an online store for a specific number of products, booking forms or specific features will help you find a web design agency who aligns with your needs.
  • Their knowledge. Web design is not just about the build itself. You want to ensure the agency you choose has extensive knowledge in search engine optimisation and other marketing practices to ensure your website is set up for success. 
  • The platform they build on. The content management system (CMS) your website is built on can have a big impact on this success, so it’s important the agency uses a good-quality platform known for results, like WordPress.

The right web design agency for you depends on your goals, budget, the type of website you need and finding a trustworthy, reputable website designer who you work well with. It’s important to interview the web design agency to see how you get along, as you will be working with them for many months, or potentially longer if you proceed with other digital marketing services they may offer to grow your website.

Why is a professional website important for my business?

A professional website is important for many reasons, including:

  • Improving brand awareness and credibility. A professional-looking and easy-to-use website makes a good impression on people visiting your site for the first time.
  • Improved user experience. A professional website designer and developer will know how to make your website easy to use and navigate, making it easier for people to buy from and contact you.
  • Increased conversions. An experienced website builder knows how to ensure your website leads users to contact you or buy your products. 
  • Increased ad efficiency. The best websites help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your ads, helping lower your cost per click and increasing your return on investment.
  • Better search engine results. A good website is optimised for search engines, helping you improve your visibility on the most relevant search engine results when people search for what you do.
  • Saves money long-term. Building a good website from the start helps reduce your costs for long-term maintenance and upgrades, like how much search engine optimisation (SEO) work is needed to get you to where you need to be.
  • Protects the business. A secure website is essential for many reasons, including protecting you and your customers’ data, preventing malicious access to your website, for search engine optimisation purposes and more.

Remember, your website is your 24/7 salesperson, finding new customers and selling to them even while you sleep. Ensuring you have a professional website helps ensure you let it do its job well. 

What's the difference between web design and web development?

A web designer works on the layout, usability and look of your website, while a developer uses code and website building platforms to turn the design into a functional website. Their functions are very different, however, they work together to build a professional-looking and easy-to-use website. When building a website, you will need both a web designer and developer, or someone who is trained in both areas.

There are many different types of website designers and developers, from UX designers and UI designers to frontend and backend developers. For a basic website, a web designer and web developer will be enough to get you the results you need. However, for more specialised websites or building out custom platforms, a UX-UI designer and full-stack developer may be needed.

Can I redesign an existing website?

Yes, it is possible to redesign an existing website. You may simply be able to optimise your existing website for user experience, SEO or conversions, or you may find you need to rebuild the pages entirely for a completely new look. It’s important to have a goal for redesigning your website so you’re not changing things for the sake of it. For example, if you have rebranded your business, you will also need to rebrand your website. However, if you’re aiming to improve your user experience, conversions or search engine optimisation, you should be utilising data to make the right decisions.

A professional web design agency, like Digital Surfer, can help you make the right choice when deciding whether to redesign an existing website. With our help, you’ll know what you need to do to get the website you need to level up your business.

What is eCommerce development, and how can I sell products online?

eCommerce development is the process of building online platforms and websites to allow businesses to sell products and services online. This includes designing and developing a user-friendly interface, such as a website, integrating secure payment gateways and purchase workflows, managing products and ensuring an overall good shopping experience for customers.

Not all website designers or platforms can be used for eCommerce development, though good options include Shopify and WooCommerce. This is because it is a specialised and complex process requiring many tools and expanded knowledge in platform integration. A website agency, like Digital Surfer, can help you find the right option to suit your needs and overall business goals, and then build an eCommerce website that helps you grow your business.

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