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Why SEO is an investment, not an expense

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Blog, Digital Marketing, Local SEO, SEO | 0 comments


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There’s a common saying in the SEO world: The best place to hide a dead body is on page two of Google.

Think about it – how often do you click through to that second page of search results? Most people, when getting to the bottom of page one, might think that they haven’t found what they’re looking for so maybe it doesn’t exist, or they’ll change their search term, or worse – they’ll go with your competitor.

So what really makes SEO an investment?

1. The Strategy

There’s a lot involved in your organic SEO campaign, even though you may not see it. For example, we create a long-term keyword strategy, beginning with ‘action’ keywords for your main pages. These are typically the keywords that customers most likely type in when they’re ready to buy or book – something like ‘plumber near me’. In different terms, these are the keywords most likely to bring in paying customers. After that, we start to flesh out a strategy of long-tail keywords for content like blogs, to capture the customers who are still in the research phase and aren’t quite ready to buy yet. These include questions like ‘how to fix a leaking tap?’. The purpose of this part of the strategy is to be memorable, so that when clients progress to the point where they’re ready to take action, they remember the website that answered their question when they were looking.

2. The Numbers

SEO is the process of optimising your website to be found as high as possible on Google for a range of applicable search terms. Being found for ‘plumber Gold Coast’ is great, but so is everyone else. What you also want is to be found for related terms like ‘plumber Burleigh Heads’ and ‘plumber Robina’, because this means you have a better chance of customers contacting you.

More contact from customers who are actively looking and ready to book, or buy, directly translates to an increase in work and, by extension, more money in your pocket.

seo investment not expense

3. The Longevity

Typically speaking, once you have a solid SEO strategy and you’re on the move, there’s not a lot that will shake your standings (though, certain things like big Google updates can). This is opposed to things like paid search ads, where when the budget is used up, the ad is done. Organic SEO has a long-term sustainability for your business that paid ads just can’t offer.

For example, we have several clients who have been with us for many years, and we’ve seen that once they get onto page one, they stay there. Sure, they might fluctuate one or two places, but they’re still there – and often ranking above bigger-name competitors in their industry.

Overall, organic SEO can be incredibly beneficial for your business. There are more eyes online now than there have ever been before, so it’s important to make sure that your website is in front of the customers you want. 

If you’re interested in investing in your business with SEO, make sure you give the team at Digital Surfer a call. We’re experts in not only organic SEO, but also local SEO, digital marketing, and more. Get in touch today to get started.

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