Graceville Physio Levels Up With 100+ Leads a Month Through SEO & Paid Ads

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About Graceville Physio, Pain Slayers

Graceville Physio, Pain Slayers, is a physiotherapy clinic in Brisbane’s Western suburbs. Their philosophy is to provide a healing sanctuary for people to receive unique treatment plans to ease their pain and discomfort. Across their two clinics, they focus on pregnancy and sports physio, as well as physiotherapy for seniors. Their second location being the newer of the two was one of the key reasons they reached out to Digital Surfer for help increasing their online presence.

Client Goals & Challenges

Our team at Digital Surfer first met Graceville Physio, Pain Slayers in late 2017. They had recently opened their second location, and they were looking to increase their online organic visibility and enquiries for both locations in Brisbane, not just their original clinic. Two years later, the business was ready to level up once more, venturing into Paid Ads to help them increase their visibility and clicks for specific services they wanted to increase their notoriety for in Queensland’s capital.

Plus One Vet Campaign

Our SEO & Google Ads Strategy

Between 2017 to 2019, the sole focus of our digital marketing strategy for Graceville Physio, Pain Slayers was search engine optimisation. After the initial audit and research for the business, we revealed some limitations in the current development and usability of their site, which kicked off a website rebuild to give them the best results. This gave us the opportunity to look at each page and blog the business already had, aligning its relevance to the business’s goals and strategy, to hone in the strategy to what would bring the business the most valuable results.

With the rebuilding of the website’s most valuable pages, we began to diversify the content to expand their reach in their target locations for their services. Coupled with a Google Business Profile (then Google My Business) campaign, we were able to use the ongoing data and analytics to further optimise and refresh their keyword and content strategy.

In 2019, the team at Graceville Physio, Pain Slayers were ready to take their results to that next level and really magnify the quantity and quality of leads they were receiving. This is when we implemented a comprehensive Google Ads strategy, targeting people in their ideal audiences and areas searching for the business’s most high-value services. 

With our already established network of service-specific pages, people would be directed to highly relevant pages, increasing the likelihood of conversion. For example, people searching for back pain relief would be directed to a pain specific to that concern. Like the SEO campaign, we used the campaigns’ analytics to allow us to further refine the targeting, methods and copy for the ads.

Our Strategy & Direction

eCommerce SEO Growth

Campaign Results

The Results

Graceville Physio, Pain Slayers has now been working with Digital Surfer for more than seven years, with incredible results to show for it. Some of the results we have achieved organically over the years include:

  • 1,750+ new clients between 2017 to 2020.
  • 148% increase in organic sessions over three years.
  • 311% increase in calls and bookings through organic traffic over 2 years.

The client was also to remain stable with steady enquiries over the pandemic period, which saw many other physiotherapists lose their rankings, website traffic and enquiries. 

With the addition of their paid ads campaign, the Brisbane physio clinics were able to see an increase of an average of 100 leads per month, which we can link back to the creation of the specific content pages.

DS Level Up

With Digital Surfer

Results like these are the norm for our team of Brisbane digital marketing experts. Our team sets the standard for revenue-driving results, and the true power both organic and paid digital marketing can have on your business.

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