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SWISH Sales Coaching SEO Rebrand
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About SWISH Sales Coaching
(Formerly ISR Training)

SWISH Sales Coaching was established in 2014, then known as ISR Training. In these 10 years, they have helped more than 13,500 businesses and individuals in 32 countries, across 6 continents, offering a fresh, ethical approach to increase sales confidence and revenue. Their initial success on Shark Tank skyrocketed their success, which they wanted to ensure continued into their rebrand. With the success of their initial marketing campaign, SWISH Sales Coaching turned to Digital Surfer to ensure their rebrand helped them level up once more.

Client Goals & Challenges

ISR Training / SWISH Sales Coaching has been working with Digital Surfer since 2018. Their original goal was to capitalise on their popularity following their appearance on the hit show, Shark Tank, which saw them receive backing from three investors; Dr. Glen Richards, Steve Baxter and Andrew Banks. While they were seeing increased interest in their business, they were not receiving traffic to their website, posing our first challenge.The strategy would then change in late 2021, when ISR Training re-branded to SWISH Sales Coaching, which would involve a website rebuild with the goal of not losing their organic visibility.


Our Organic Search Strategy

Having worked with SWISH Sales Coaching for more than five years, our strategy has evolved to help the business level up over time. In 2018, this started with increasing their website’s relevant visibility on organic Google search engine results. This involved increasing the Expertise, Authority and Trust of their website through increasing the quality and quantity of their content, utilising in-depth educational and location-based pages to reach relevant audiences. We also optimised their Google Business Profiles for enhanced local visibility in their 3 key locations.

In 2021, the strategy evolved once more to ensure the results we have been working hard to build did not go down the drain with the launch of their new website. The campaign focus would shift to promoting their live bootcamp events, allowing the business to support more businesses through the SWISH methodology over one-on-one face-to-face consults, once more capitalising on their Shark Tank appearance. This would heavily rely on a successful website migration and on-going search engine optimisation for their new branding.

Our Strategy & Direction

Ryan & Peter at the 2024 APAC Search Awards

Campaign Results

Our Results

The combined SEO and paid ads campaign for Aurora Training between December 2022 and August 2023 (and ongoing) has seen incredible growth in visibility and conversions. In this period, we have seen:

  • A 104% increase in overall traffic, from 3,956 sessions in December 2022 to 8,057 in August 2023.
  • A 73% increase in organic traffic, with a near-doubled increase in sessions.
  • A 54% increase in calls through Google Business Profile, with more than 659 interactions in the 10-month period.
  • 708 conversions via Google Ads, with the average conversion costing only $21.52.

Through conversion tracking, we have been able to see the quality of each lead, further optimising the ad campaigns and SEO strategy to increase both the quantity and quality of leads as time goes on. As a result, Aurora Training has been able to expand their marketing further to increase their student diversity across more courses.

DS Level Up

With Digital Surfer

Undergoing a rebrand? Ensure you don’t lose your digital space with the help of Digital Surfer. We can help you claim and maintain your digital space, helping you migrate your website to minimise the loss of rankings. With the right digital marketing behind your rebrand, we can help you level up and reach your business dreams.

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