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Are you looking to get your website in front of qualified customers without having to wait for months while SEO gains traction?

There’s a range of digital marketing strategies that you can utilise such as local and organic SEO that will result in long term ranking for your business online. But this can take anywhere from six to twelve months to get going, so what do you do in the meantime? How do you ensure your website is still seen by the right customers. 90% of the customers who are searching nowadays search on Google first, so the key is being amongst the first results they see.

Generally speaking, when a potential customer searches on Google, they’re already intending to make some sort of commitment to your product or service such as purchasing or booking an appointment. So, from that perspective, it makes sense to incorporate paid ads as a part of your strategy to put your website front and center on the search results. The team to Digital Surfer is able to create personalised, targeted ads strategies that will put your business in front of your ideal customers.

This can be one of the fastest ways to increase the amount of people going to your website, particularly when combined with strategies for long term success, such as local and organic SEO. As these strategies take several months to achieve a high ranking, they tend to offer more sustained longevity, especially when combined with a paid ads strategy. Even after these begin to take off, it can be beneficial to continue with your paid ads strategy as it gives you the opportunity to occupy several areas on the search results page. 

At Digital Surfer, our team has experience managing PPC and paid advertising campaigns for our clients to ensure the best performance and the desired results for your Sydney business. With our knowledge of how the market behaves and how to effectively connect with your audience, you can rest assured that you’re in the right hands. We get you seen by the right audience and ensure you know exactly how your campaign is doing at all times.

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Why Do I Need PPC Management Sydney?

There are a variety of benefits that come with a PPC and paid ads strategy on Google. No matter the size of your business or what industry you’re in, you will see positive results from paid advertising.

What do these include?

Be seen above organic results

When you use paid ads in combination with organic, ecommerce and local SEO, you increase the chances that your business will appear at the top of the search results page before your competitors. That’s why we strongly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to get seen first by the customers you want to target.

Get seen by the right audience

Your paid ads strategy allows you to target your audience and make that as precise as you need to. This means you’re putting the ads in front of the customers who are most likely to take action on them.

Suitable for businesses of any size

Because paid ads are customizable, they’re scalable. Whether you’re just starting out or a bigger business looking for new customers, a PPC campaign can fit your needs. This also means you can add additional keywords or change the scope when you need to. 

Only spend what you can afford 

Relating to our last point, not only is your campaign scalable in terms of keywords, it’s also scalable in terms of your budget – so you can look at where you’re getting the conversion and allocate your spend accordingly.

When you look at it like that, it’s simple. PPC campaigns are one of the most effective ways to bring traffic onto your website and encourage customers to take action.

What Kind of Adwords Sydney Strategies Can Be Used?

In general, there are three main types of paid ads that you can use in combination for your PPC campaigns. These are display, video and search ads.


Search Ads

Search ads are the most commonly thought of PPC ads. These appear within the Google search results, generally at the top and bottom of the page. These ads are most often clicked on by customers who are ready and prepared to take action.

Display Ads

Video ads are typically short clips that customers see on Youtube after they’ve made their initial search. Similarly to display ads, these target customers who have made a search but haven’t made a purchase yet.

Video Ads

These ads are short video clips (usually between six and fifteen seconds long) that customers see on Youtube after they’ve made their initial search. In a similar way to display ads, these target customers who have searched but not made a purchase yet.

What kind of ads you chose, and how these are combined in your campaign, can depend on a variety of factors. These include the size of your business, your budget, and your product or service. For example, one particular method (like video ads, for example), might be better at showcasing who you are and what you do, especially when combined with the search ads.


To discuss the best combination of ads for your business, get in touch with the team today.

How We Approach AdWords Management Sydney

We approach your paid ads campaign the same way that we approach any other campaign – by getting to know you and your business. Every campaign requires specific keywords to ensure we’re targeting the right audience and bringing you a return on investment. Once we know about your business and your goals, we start on thorough keyword research that starts to bring those goals to life. 

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Getting our research right at the beginning of your campaign also prevents your ads from being seen in irrelevant searches – which means you’re spending money where you’re not going to get any conversions. Once we’ve compiled our list of keywords, we spend some time looking at the intent of each – for example, “SEO” and “SEO Services” have different intents. The first is generally more of a research term, where the second is more likely used by customers who are ready to action their need for SEO. With that in mind, it would be better to advertise on the second term where customers are already more likely to engage.

The next step is looking at the content for your ads, such as any specific landing pages. Whether written or visual, your ads content needs to be compelling so that it encourages your audience to click through. These website landing pages should also be separate from the rest of your website content to give those customers everything they need in one place. This also makes it easier to track the progress of your campaign.

How long before a Sydney PPC campaign starts getting results?

This of course, can vary depending on a few factors like your spend and how competitive the keyword is. However, once your ad campaign is underway, your ads should be visible on Google almost immediately.Then, after about a week of it being live we should have a solid idea of the expected return on investment that your campaign should generate. 

Then, as with any marketing campaign, the longer it runs the more results you’ll see. As we get more data, we’ll be able to tweak the strategy as needed to ensure we’re always focussing on areas that bring in the most leads.

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Why trust Digital Surfer to manage your Sydney AdWords campaign?

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The team at Digital Surfer has been managing digital marketing campaigns for over seven years, with more than 50 years of combined industry experience.

This means we really know how to get the best results for your business. We take pride in doing thorough research and presenting you with the facts through regular reporting. Our goal is to understand your business, and get you the return on investment that you’re looking for. 

As well as that, our team also makes a point of continually learning about industry trends to make sure we stay at the top of our game and your campaign uses the most up-to-date strategies. 

Get in touch with us today to have a discussion about your business and how we can help you get found online through PPc and Google AdWords Management Sydney. We also manage PPc campaigns for businesses in Brisbane, Melbourne and on the Gold Coast.

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