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Is turning over $1 million, $2 million, or even $5+ million in your 5-year business plan? Then you’ll need a revenue-driving PPC campaign to get you there! With our Melbourne PPC agency by your side, you’ll get the results you need to help you grow your team, open new locations or simply have you claiming that multi-million dollar business status.

We’re a little different to most Melbourne PPC agencies in that we don’t just work with anyone. Our clients are serious goal-getters looking to take their business to the next level. If you want more leads and sales then you almost know what to do with, then let’s talk about how to get you there.

Paid Ads Platforms

Melbourne Google Ads That Turns Website Visitors Into Customers

The purpose of Google Ads is to typically drive ready-to-buy consumers to your website — but then what? If your website isn’t optimised, you may as well not have run the ads in the first place. This is why we help you not only run engaging ads that get you traffic, but help you optimise your website and funnel to maximise your conversions too.

Aside from being experts in revenue-growing PPC advertising, we are experts in user-driven web design and development (and SEO but whose bragging). This means you receive the total package in using Meta, Bing and Google Ads to actually drive business-altering results, not just visitors to your site.

Paid Ads Melbourne

Level Up Your Business with an Award-Winning Social Media & Google Ads Agency in Melbourne

At Digital Surfer, we don’t just optimise your campaign, but the platform you use too. Wherever your ideal audience is, the most effective for your growth is where we’ll ensure you are, whether that’s Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok and more.

Google Ads

Google Search, Display and Video Ads are a powerful lead generator for the majority of businesses. By having us build your campaigns around data, we can drive people ready to buy (or enquire) to your website, not just people having a look and wasting those ad dollars!

Bing/Microsoft Ads

Why use Bing when more people search on Google? Because if you’re in a highly competitive industry or location (like Melbourne), you can use Bing to still drive traffic to your website for less than it would cost on Google, helping increase your return on investment even further.

TikTok Ads

No, you don’t have to dance or do trends to win new business on TikTok! However, with the right consumer-engaging strategy, you can become as familiar to them as their friends or favourite influencers, winning new business and levelling up your business.

Facebook Ads

Instagram and Facebook Ads give you a unique way to connect and grow with your target audience. With the right brand awareness and lead generation strategy, you can increase your revenue by becoming the trusted name in what you do, where you do it.

LinkedIn Ads

If you’re looking to target other business owners or specific business employees with ads, then there is no better way to do it than LinkedIn Ads. It helps reach specific people when they’re in a ‘business mindset’ and most likely to engage with how you can help them succeed.

Multiply Your Leads With Our Facebook Ads Agency Melbourne

It’s the leads you want, but it’s not just any leads you need. In reality, if people who are contacting you or visiting your website have not been targeted with the right ads, they may just end up wasting your time. This is a crucial area we focus on, not only bringing you those enquiries and website visitors, but ensuring they are people who are genuinely interested in what you do and need what you’re offering.

If you’re tired of numbers on the screen that don’t do anything for your business’s revenue, it’s time to speak to a paid ads agency in Melbourne who can give you what you need. Contact us today to get the ball rolling and your revenue climbing.

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From opening new locations, bringing on more staff to taking on international waters, we have helped businesses with goals big and small reach the next level in their plan. Check out some of the results we’ve achieved for businesses in Melbourne and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions About PPC

Who is the best PPC agency in Melbourne?

There are a number of leading PPC agencies in Melbourne, each with their own methods and strategies for helping businesses in their chosen niche. Digital Surfer is one of the top award-winning PPC agencies in Melbourne, helping those medium-to-large businesses who are ready to go to the next level with paid ads campaigns to get them there.

The best PPC agency for you will be the one who knows who your audience are and your goals, and how to use PPC platforms to get you in front of them. They will also know how to optimise your landing pages to increase conversions, helping contribute to your bottom line.

Does PPC help SEO ranking?

PPC and SEO are two different digital marketing strategies, but they can complement each other when used together. While PPC uses paid ads to drive traffic to your website and generate leads, SEO helps improve your website’s visibility on search engines to drive traffic to your website. Both have common denominators in their effectiveness, including providing a relevant, secure and good user experience. 

Using SEO to improve the performance of your website can help improve the return on investment for your ads, while PPC can help improve your website’s engagement metrics. By using SEO and PPC together, you are creating a more powerful digital marketing tool than if you were to use them on their own.

What should I look for in a PPC agency?

When looking for a PPC agency, you should look for an agency with experience managing PPC campaigns, experience with your industry and target audience, and familiarity with the latest PPC tools and technologies. You should also look for an agency that can provide you with a clear strategy for achieving your goals and who can measure success based on revenue and goals. Other factors to consider include the agency’s pricing structure, reporting process and communication style. Ultimately, the decision to choose a PPC agency depends on your budget, goals and resources, as well as who you can see yourself working with long-term.

How do I get clients through PPC?

To get clients through PPC, you need to create a targeted PPC campaign that reaches your ideal audience. However, to generate leads and sales through a PPC campaign, your website must be optimised for user experience to help give visitors a smooth experience that is easy for them to find what they need, and then submit an enquiry or make a purchase.

Despite common belief, PPC campaigns are not an immediate source of leads or sales. The PPC platform takes time to learn about your campaign and your audience, so you will notice progressively better results over time. Continuously monitoring and optimising your campaign will help you improve your long-term performance and return on investment. A PPC agency can help you save time and stress optimising your ads and ensuring you’re getting the best return on investment for your campaign and business.

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