Peter Curran

Co-Founder & Business Development Manager

Hi, my name is Peter Curran, and I am a co-founder and business development manager at Digital Surfer. I am incredibly proud of the business we have built and our team, and it’s my job to help continue that journey of what makes us stand out from other digital marketing agencies.

What I do here is not only help find more growth opportunities for our own business, but I work one-on-one with other business owners to find the best solution through Digital Surfer too. I have always taken a very hands-on approach to who we work with and how we can get them the best results, knowing you have direct access to the co-founder. My door (albeit glass) is always open to my own team and anyone we work with.

Pete's Story

There is nothing Peter (or Pete as we call him) loves more than helping businesses thrive in the online world — well, unless that’s footy. Despite being born, and raised and having lived in Sydney for the first 26 years of his life, Pete is a furious Titan’s supporter — although he does still back the Blues. Speaking of blues, Pete was one of the men in blue himself.

Pete started his professional career with a Bachelor of Law, finding his way into the NSW Police Force as a detective. After some soul searching, he realised while he loved helping people, law wasn’t the way he wanted to do it. So, he hit the books and found a love for all things search engines and websites, honing his skills in various courses and with some industry experts. Seeing a gap in the market, he launched his first website solutions business, which was soon joined by his wife, Renee. They took the business from strength to strength, expanding it into the business you see today.

As he grew his business, Pete also began to grow his family. He and Renee now have three beautiful kids, who he says have opened his eyes to so many new things (soccer being just one). Through becoming a dad and his many years in the police force, Pete has learned how to merge empathy with tough love, which helps him be able to guide businesses on why they’re not reaching their goals and what they need to get there.

In the office, Pete is known for cooking an incredible feast for the team every month to fuel their brains and bodies. He can be won over by nearly any Jason Statham movie and honest people who know what they stand for (much like himself). His passion for the people he works with and the businesses he helps is truly inspiring, and he is very much a person who you won’t regret letting into your life.

What is a business development manager?

A business development manager spearheads the growth and future of a business. They investigate the current limitations of the business, mapping out where their strengths and unique selling propositions are to point the business in the right direction. As a business development manager, someone may work internally with many teams or they may work hand-in-hand with another business to help them see and reach their potential.

At Digital Surfer, we work hand-in-hand with business owners as their own search marketing partners. We look inside the business and what really drives their success, tapping into this to magnify their reach in the digital space, helping attract the right customers or clients. If you need help reaching your business goals, we will help you not only achieve them, but exceed them. Contact our team today to talk about your perfect digital marketing solution.

Pete's Top Specialities

Online Lead Generation
Sales & Business Growth
Business Development Strategy
Digital Strategy
Relationship & Partnership Management
Marketing Consulting

Need a search specialist in Australia who legitimately cares about your success?

Peter and our team at Digital Surfer are invested in your success. As your digital marketing partner, we continually review and adjust your digital marketing strategy to ensure your business goals are continually growing, whether that’s expanding your team or services, opening new stores or taking your business national (or global). The sky’s the limit when you work with Digital Surfer.