Renee Curran

General Manager

Hi there, I’m Renee! I am Digital Surfer’s General Manager, meaning I have the privilege of managing, supporting, and driving our incredible team, their needs and ensuring that the needs of all client partnerships are met. 

As one of the founders of Digital Surfer, I have helped build a team and service suite that works for the businesses we help. We work with the big businesses who are attempting to take that next step, and we give them the performance they need, but also that personalised approach that’s often lacking in the bigger-business service-land. I truly care about helping business owners thrive.

My passion in digital marketing is to support and grow businesses within the Australian community to provide services and products to Australians and internationally, ensuring that not just our generation, but our children’s generation and generations to come have the ability to obtain the opportunity to experience the uniqueness and superior products and services Australian companies can provide.

My drive to provide honest and reliable service to every one of our clients is embedded within our vision and culture of the business. This ensures that not just myself but every team member is always looking to enhance the relationships and partnerships we have with every one of our clients. 

Renee's Story

Renee is a Queensland girl, who grew up in Brisbane (and briefly in Mackay), before moving to the beautiful Gold Coast more than 2 decades ago. It’s here she has grown her family, marrying Pete, having their three beautiful children, and rounding it out with their beautiful dog, Hugo.

You could say Renee likes to keep busy, whether that is building her career in her youth or competing in triathlons or state and national adult POM (cheerleading) competitions. She is the type of person who is always on the go and sharpening her mind, travelling, stand-up paddle boarding, or any other activities she can do with her family and friends.

Before Digital Surfer, Renee worked in the banking industry, earning a Bachelor of Business Management (Honours), a Bachelor of International Banking & Finance, and a Bachelor of HR Management. Starting with Commonwealth Bank as a junior, she climbed the ranks through customer service and management roles, before taking on state and national management roles.

Renee’s people and analytical background made for a perfect transition to digital marketing, where her passion for search engine optimisation evolved knowing that building a website was not enough, but getting businesses found online and generating quality leads and sales, was the key to their success. Renee expanded her studies to obtain a Diploma in Digital Marketing and many Google certificates to her skillset. She now uses her skills to help position Digital Surfer and our team in the best place to help Australian business owners achieve their online business goals.

In addition to all of the above, Renee has a strong community focus through supporting not-for-profit organisations, and volunteering her time to support charity groups. This allows her to have a strong understanding of all aspects of the community and how everyone works together to achieve amazing goals.

What does a search specialist agency do?

A search specialist agency is a team of digital marketing professionals who help businesses increase their online visibility and presence where people are searching online. This may include website design and development, paid advertising on search engines or social media platforms, search engine optimisation, or even local listing optimisation.

In today’s fast-moving digital world where everyone wants a solution ‘now’, a search specialist agency can help you be the one people find when they’re looking for what you do, and where you do it.

Renee's Top Specialities

Search Engine Optimisation
Google Ads
Digital Strategy
Leadership & Business Development
Marketing Consulting
Relationship & Partnership Management

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