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Renee Curran

Renee Curran

Head SEO Specialist & Business Development Manager

Head SEO Specialist

& Business Development Manager

Hi, my name is Renee and I’m Digital Surfer’s Head SEO Specialist and Business Development Manager!

You’ll work with me during the onboarding process of any new campaign you start with us. I work with our Australian clients based in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney.

I also manage some website SEO campaigns and work alongside all our teams to ensure all projects are running smoothly.

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Renee’s Background

It is amazing how transferable some skills and qualifications can be.

After a 22 year career as a manager, marketer, and trainer with one of the four majors, a change in life circumstances led Renee down a new path. Hungry for knowledge in certain key areas of digital marketing, Renee devoted herself to learning everything she could about web design and Search Engine Optimisation.

Since mastering these skills, Renee has utilised her prior experience and returned to a role as a leader and manager of all the staff at Digital Surfer. Hence it makes sense she does all the hiring and looks after everyone in the Digital Surfer team like they are family.

Renee also oversees all projects with an eye to detail like no other. Keeping her knowledge fresh is important to her so she also actively stays involved in projects and trains the team in implementing the latest cutting-edge website SEO techniques.

Here’s why our clients love working with Renee

Tiffany Skarott

Tiffany Skarott

Tango Hair Loss Clinic

Invisible to start with, on page 1 for 80% of keywords by month 8, 100% consistently on page 1 now

“Since engaging… Renee from Digital Surfer our rankings in Google have improved dramatically. My industry is very competitive yet we have progressed far quicker than expected. [Renee has] been completely transparent with me from the start… I highly recommend her for her SEO knowledge”


Page 1 for 80% of keywords by month 8


100% consistently on page 1 now

We have a successful business in Adelaide, however, we were not using our website to got new customers as much as we could have been.We met Renee… from Digital Surfer [who] showed us what we needed to do to get our website ranking in Google and also our Google Business listing. We highly recommend Digital Surfer if you need a website built, fixed and then found by customers

Jessica St John Starks

…[Renee] has taken care of our SEO with a minimum of fuss and has had a dramatic influence on the success of our business…[she] is guiding us through the process of getting us up to scratch to exponentially increase the benefits of [her] work… The whole experience has been painless and it’s great to finally have measurable results.

Buxom Envy

100% of keywords on page 1, 85% in positions 1-3 & 65% in position 1

I would highly recommend Digital Surfer to anyone wanting to grow their business and be ahead of  their competition… [Renee is] meticulous with detail and results have been evident quicker than expected.

Angela Melit

Graceville Physio

Reasons why our clients choose a Digital Surfer SEO specialist for their needs

As an agency with over 7 years of experience, our team have worked on many successful SEO projects across many industries. Our clients choose us because we offer:

  • Turnkey solutions for building a solid presence in search results
  • Transparent and honest SEO services, rare in our industry
  • An integrated SEO approach that focuses on ROI
  • 100% customer dedication and satisfaction
  • Extensive SEO expertise and years of experience


We help businesses like yours grow through search engine marketing.

Let’s start a conversation if you’d like to see your business grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why SEO?

With mobile and internet technology taking over the marketing landscape, we’re seeing more people go online when searching for products and services. Online search engines, such as Google, are quickly becoming the go-to point for finding products and services. That means, if your customers are actively searching for products or services you sell, you can tap into a goldmine of opportunity. The idea is simple. Be there when your customers search for your product or service. Being ranked at the top of relevant searches is very important for this marketing strategy to work. And that’s where our SEO services come in.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is a marketing activity which helps you be found at the top of search results. It all starts with your website and how easy it is for search engines to understand it. We work on the pages of your site so that search engines can easily read and understand what you do and what search terms the should show your website for. With one of our SEO experts by your side, we can help your site be found at the top of the ranks. Our SEO service is about more than just rankings though.

With Digital Surfer, it’s about more than just rankings

Our approach to SEO is about more than just rankings. The SEO consultant you work with from our team will also collaborate with you to help you achieve your business goals.

We care about seeing your business succeed. That’s why we align our campaigns with your business strategy rather than just focusing on rankings.

The strategy behind which words to target and how to best target them is a big component of this process. Ranking #1 for easy keywords is all well and good but if no-one is really searching for those terms (or if they don’t fit your business model) then you’re not really going to succeed in growing your business.

Likewise, if you only target the highly competitive keywords with a new website, you’ll be well and truly behind your competitors and your campaign will take much longer to bring in results than you would probably like.

Our team are experts at balancing the two so you can see your business grow, for real.

By partnering with us, you’ll be able to taste the success that comes with top rankings for related searches within months.

Our Locations

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast SEO Company HQ

Our SEO agency headquarters is in Burleigh Heads. You can find most of our core staff busily working here most days of the week.  Our clients love that they are welcome to pop in and say hi or discuss their campaign with us anytime!

Coolangatta, Gold Coast SEO Company Offices

Unlike other Gold Coast SEO companies, we make it easy for you to reach out to us. Whether you come to our office or we meet at a cafe near you, you’ll always know the people behind your campaigns.

SEO Company Brisbane Offices


Unlike other Brisbane SEO agencies, we make it easy for you to reach out to us. Whether you come to our office or we meet at a cafe near you, you’ll always know the people behind your campaigns.

SEO Company Melbourne Offices

Unlike other Melbourne SEO agencies, we make it easy for you to reach out to us. Whether you come to our office or we meet at a cafe near you, you’ll always know the people behind your campaigns.