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PPC (AKA Pay-Per-Click), paid advertising, online ads; whatever you want to call it, is a powerful tool for businesses looking for more leads. At Digital Surfer, we have changed the way businesses run ads, using data and cross-platform utilisation to help them meet their customers wherever they are. 

With our cross-skilled team of paid ads experts, we help you get the best return on every dollar — but only if you’re ready for the growth that will help you bring on more staff, open more locations or reach those multi-million dollar revenue. If you’re ready to invest in your business’s future, then let’s have a chat.

Paid Advertising Strategy

Google Ads Management Strategies For Any Type of Business on the Path to Success

Paid Advertising Strategy

Local search ads, video ads, shopping ads, ads with reviews, ads with photos, ads on other people’s websites — whatever you’re trying to achieve, we have a strategy for you. Every PPC campaign at Digital Surfer is 100% customised. We start with your business goals, and then use data to build your campaign so you’re only targeting people who will be more interested in your business.

Once your campaigns are up and running, we keep a close eye on them, using our in-depth ad performance knowledge to make adjustments to increase your performance over time. If you want leads, sales or even to improve your business’ reputation to be able to expand and grow your business, then we have the right strategy to get you there. Contact us now for a chat about where we can take your business using the power of PPC.

Advertise on Facebook, Google, Instagram, TikTok & More — Wherever Your Customers Are, We’ll Put You There

At Digital Surfer, we do things a little differently when it comes to paid advertising management. Firstly, we don’t lock you into one server that may or may not be the right thing for your business. Instead, we work out what your goals are and create a strategy for how to get you there. If that means running TikTok Ads over Google, then so be it. If you have the budget to invest in our expertise, we will do whatever it takes to get you the results. These are just some of the platforms we can help you with.

Facebook Ads

Over the years, Facebook Ads, run through Meta Ads, have become notorious for being expensive and hard to use. But those people just aren’t doing it right! We use audience targeting and content psychology to not only put you in front of the right people, but ensure when they do see you, you’re connecting in meaningful ways to help build a connection. When it comes time for them to buy or enquire, they do so without a second thought.

Google Ads

We don’t just put your ads on Google and send you a bill. Our Google Ads experts will work with you to find the most profitable solution for your ads, spending countless hours choosing the right tools, data, content and formats to deliver you high-quality conversions that help your bottomline. This means advising on the right product or service to utilise, or even tracking your enquiries to reveal secrets to further optimise your ads.

Bing/Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads on Bing are a great, less competitive alternative to Google Ads, but they aren’t for everyone. By using audience data, we can see where your customers or clients are spending time online, deciding the most valuable platforms to direct your ads — and Bing may just be one of them. With Bing holding 6.33% of search volume (which is still millions of people), there is so much underutilised potential for gaining new customers or clients using Australia’s second most popular search engine.

TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads give businesses a unique opportunity to reach a lot of already-engaged people very quickly. With the fast-moving nature of TikTok, we utilise strategic content creation to help people see why they can’t live without your product or service, ensuring they click through to your profile or web page. TikTok has allowed businesses to go from startup to million-dollar empire within months, selling out time and time again, and we can help you do it too.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads, through Meta Ads, reportedly reach 96.6% of Instagram’s active users each month. This means your business has the potential to reach billions of people. But you don’t want to do this. That’d be wasting money! At Digital Surfer, we help you find which of those billions of users are your ideal audience, helping you get in front of them at the right time to help bring you the people you need to fulfil your business dreams.

LinkedIn Ads

There aren’t many social media platforms as niche as LinkedIn, giving B2B businesses or even those looking to run ads to find staff, a unique opportunity to gain more visibility. Using LinkedIn Ads strategically can allow you access to the decision makers in businesses who should know about how much easier your business will make their life. We create these avenues for you to find these people, expanding your reach and sales opportunities.

Social Media Advertising Services That Hand Your Leads on a Silver Platter

Stop competing and start setting the benchmark with custom social media ads that get you the leads and sales you need to become the business you’ve always wanted to be. Social media ads are often thought of as only effective for lifestyle businesses, but we’re here to tell you our legal, finance, plumbing, solar and other clients rave about the results they’re getting from their Meta Ads with Digital Surfer.

How we do it is by working out what your goal is for your business. Then, we perform thorough analysis into your industry, competitors, audience and how we can get creative with helping you stand out from the crowd. We also work with our website and SEO specialists to ensure your landing pages and lead forms are optimised to capture those potential customers when they visit your website from your ad. Let’s talk about how we can use social media PPC to transform your

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A Google Ads Agency With a Proven Track Record

If you’re investing the big bucks to use PPC to go big with your business, then you want to know you’re investing wisely. At Digital Surfer, we have used PPC to help businesses increase their leads by more than 52%, increase conversions by more than 81% and more. Explore our case studies to see more of the incredible results we have achieved for businesses and can help you see for yourself too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paid Ads

What is a PPC campaign?

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a paid advertising format used on many platforms where the advertiser only pays for the ad when the ad is clicked. Paying for a PPC campaign puts your business in an ad on a platform like Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram, with options to choose the type of people you would like your ad shown to. By targeting who you want your ad shown to, you can increase the likelihood of people clicking on your website, and if your ads and landing page is optimised correctly, contacting your business or buying from you online.

PPC campaigns on search engines typically appear at the top of the search engine results, giving you more chances of being clicked and contacted. However, there are many different types of PPC campaigns, from placing your ad on other people’s websites or in YouTube videos to even utilising social media advertising to reach people browsing on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Instagram and more.

How can PPC help your business?

There are many ways PPC can help your business, including:

  • Putting you in front of more people, using audience targeting to only help you reach people who are most inclined to use your business.
  • Increasing your sales through putting your business in front of people when they’re already searching for what you do.
  • Tracking data to help measure and improve performance.
  • Building brand recognition, helping people trust your business and even recall your name when they need help in your specialised area. 

The list goes on for ways PPC can help your business. However, like any form of digital marketing, how you create and manage your PPC campaigns will decide how well they perform. A PPC agency can help you get the results you need, aligning your performance to support your business’s goals.

Is Facebook Ads effective?

Facebook Ads (or Meta Ads) can be an effective digital marketing method for businesses. As Facebook Ads allow you to put your business in front of a refined and targeted audience, they can be used as an effective way to increase and improve your brand awareness, help generate leads and work with other marketing, like growing an email subscriber list. 

However, as the Facebook Ads space is highly competitive they can be expensive for those who are not experienced in creating and managing a Meta Ads campaign. It makes Meta and Facebook Ads difficult to run if you plan on doing your own marketing, but are perfect for those outsourcing their online advertising or using a Facebook Ads agency.

How much does it cost to put an ad on Google?

The cost of putting an ad on Google varies depending on several factors, including your industry, the customer lifecycle, current trends, as well as how the ads are created and managed. However, it’s estimated the average cost-per-click (CPC) on the Google Search Network is between $1 to $2, with the most expensive keywords costing $50 or more per click.

In saying this, for Google Ads to be effective, you need to be willing to invest in your success. If you’re only investing $1000 a month in a competitive industry, and you have a $15 cost-per-click, you’re receiving less than 70 people visiting your website through your ads per month. With an average conversion rate of 2.85%, this would be less than 2 new customers. These are all rough figures, but goes to show if you are in one of those tougher industries or areas, you need to be willing to invest to get the results. 

There are many ways to help improve your return on investment from placing ads on Google, such as:

  • Running Google Ads in conjunction with SEO to improve the user experience and relevance of your web pages.
  • Utilising a Google Ads agency to ensure your ads are expertly created and optimised regularly to give you growing performance.
  • Knowing your business’s goals and how Google Ads can help you achieve them. 
  • Reviewing and adjusting your results and campaigns to gain better visibility and performance.

And this is just the beginning. If you don’t know where to start with putting your ads on Google, 

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