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If you’re looking for a method to get your business in front of your customers fast, it could be worth looking into PPC, or pay per click ads like Google Adwords for your business.

While organic, ecommerce and Local SEO strategies are great long-term strategies that will provide quality leads over time, the reality is they can take several months to really show their return on investment.

That’s why you should widen your scope of opportunities with a paid ads strategy. 

Generally, when a customer Googles a product or service, they’re already in a position to take action. Using a paid ad strategy to put yourself at the top of the page will ensure this customer finds what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Then, once your other strategies gain traction you have the advantage of occupying several spots on the Google results page.

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If you think a paid ads strategy could benefit your business, make sure you get in touch with the experienced Digital Surfer team today.

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What are the benefits of pay per click ads on Google?

PPC ad strategies come with a range of benefits for your business. These include:

  • Being seen above the organic Google results

Paid ads results are shown at the very top of the page and the very bottom, so the chances that your result will be the first thing that customers see is much greater. Often, if the top result answers the customer’s question and solves their problem, they won’t even scroll down any further.

  • Reach a targeted audience

PPC Ad strategies allow you to get very specific with who you want to see the ad – or even who you don’t want to see the ad. This means that the people who do see it are the most qualified and likely to book your services.

  • Used by both large and small businesses

Because paid ads can be very specific, they’re super flexible. That means they’re perfect for anyone, and can be easily scaled up or down to suit your needs or to test different strategies. 

  • You control how much you spend

Whether you want a small budget to start out, or you know that this strategy will get you the conversions you’re looking for, you can adjust your budget and how much you want to spend on different strategies and particular keywords.

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What Kinds Of PPC Ads Are Out There?

There are three main types of pay per click ads that are commonly used in a paid ads strategy. They are:


Search Ads

Search ads are the ones that appear within the Google search results, at the top or bottom of the page. These are the most common type of pay per click ads as they’re often clicked on by customers who are ready to buy.

Display Ads

Display ads are images that are seen in the sidebars of unrelated web pages, like blogs, that the searcher has navigated to. These are a type of remarketing that will continue to display for the searcher to remind them of your business and encourage them to buy.

Video Ads

Similar to display ads, video ads are a type of remarketing. Usually six to fifteen seconds long, these are shown before Youtube videos in the hopes of encouraging customers to return to your website and purchase or book your services.

Depending on your business, your industry, and what you’re hoping to achieve, your paid ads strategy may not include all three elements. At Digital Surfer, we can help you decide which strategy is right for you and how it can be effective for your business.

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How Do You Develop A Paid Ads Strategy?

The first thing to do is to get to know your business, the same as any marketing strategy. We can’t effectively make recommendations or predict results of your campaign without first knowing the playing field. We then take that knowledge and use it to create keyword research that tells us the types of things people are searching when they’re looking for your business. 

Armed with the keyword research, we can start creating ads specific to what people are looking for and what you offer. This research also allows us to prevent irrelevant ads – for example, there’s no use running an ad campaign on a keyword that people primarily use for research, without the intent to contact a business. You’re much better off targeting the ‘actin’ keywords that people use when they’re ready to commit. 

Then we also have to consider the content of your ads. Do they need a dedicated landing page on the website so that we can track conversions and the effectiveness of the campaign? (Typically, yes). Do we need to create images or videos for any display or video retargeting? Are they capturing the right intent?

There are a lot of factors that go into developing a ppc campaign, but the team at Digital Surfer can help you with every step.

Why Choose Digital Surfer As Your Google Ads Manager For Your Paid Ads Campaign?

At Digital Surfer, our team are experts in paid ads management and digital marketing. With over 50 years of combined experience, we know all the tips and tricks for getting the most out of your campaign, starting with really getting to know your business. 

We’re always learning and improving our skills so that we can offer you the best, most up to date strategies for your business. We work with business all around Australia so get in touch today.

Check out our article on SEO vs PPC to find out more information on what is the best option for you, or get in touch with us.

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