Website Ranking on Search Engines

It’s likely that your competitors are using the power of SEO to gain exposure. They’re quickly realising the importance and benefits of proper SEO. We’ll help you avoid being “out-competed”
by your adversaries by adopting a more proficient SEO campaign then they do

Higher ROI (Return of Investment)

Unlike “paid” (or interruption marketing), leads generated from SEO are 8.5x more likely to buy from you because they are actively searching for a solution

Brand Awareness Increases

When you know HOW your ideal customers are searching for you, you can better optimise
your website, products, offers or services by knowing what they really want.

Long Lasting Results

Unlike paid marketing, when your website ranks on page one of Google, you’re only cost is
maintaining the site’s ranking status. You don’t pay for visitors, clicks or traffic to your site.

Competitive Advantage and Trust Building

Which link has the most “pull-fact or” when you do a search on Google? The first one! If you’re placed anywhere in the top 3, your site will automatically be perceived as one of the “leading” authorities in your field. This increases trust and credibility, removing doubts that customers may have before buying from you.

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A good SEO Campaign should not only help prospects find you,

but highly engage them on your website when they do.

Fact #1 Unless you’re ‘paying’ for traffic, without SEO, visitors can only find your site by chance or accident, and if you don’t have an easy way for interested prospects to find you, you’re losing plenty of valuable traffic.

Fact #2 Just showing up on page one of Google isn’t enough. The number of times your listing gets ‘clicked’ on is one of many ranking factors that counts.

Fact #3 Google dominates the Australian search market, claiming an incredible 98% of total share? By focusing on a steady, effective SEO campaign, you will significantly increase the exposure of your business and customer enquiries.


The longer you ignore targeted SEO traffic to your website, the harder it will be to rank later.

The sooner you start the sooner you increase your chance of search engine dominance exponentially, a privilege that almost every business desires.

Although keywords play a huge role in rankings, capturing a wide audience is not achieved by keywords alone. If your rivals are using this approach, then we have good news for you.

You can keep top rankings for your website as long as you maintain a proper SEO campaign. While your competitors may be outranking you today, their positions are NOT permanently ‘set in stone’. As a matter of fact, they very often they lose their rankings due to campaign negligence – something we ensure won’t happen to you.

What You Can Expect With Us…

We encourage you to take our advice and do your business a favour. Stop listening to every ‘so-called’ expert on website traffic and online performance? The only way to really judge a leader … is by results.

The Digital Surfer Promise

We’ll rank your website on page 1 of Google in just 180 days. If not, we’ll continue to work on your site until it’s there – FOR FREE.