Jade Malle

Senior Paid Ads Strategist

Hi, my name is Jade and I am Digital Surfer’s Senior Paid Ads Strategist. As you’ll likely guess by my title, I help businesses utilise the power of paid ads to grow online.

What I do for businesses is much more than just setting up and monitoring your ads on Google, social media, etc. I love to use the data to better understand what a business’s potential clients need and their behaviour regarding how they’re finding this information, and using this data to tell a story to benefit the business.

My passion for exceeding all of my client’s expectations is displayed with the outstanding results I achieve. My creativity and ability to grab the attention of prospective clients looking to solve their needs are always achieved with the strategies I develop for every individual client’s campaign.

I love talking with each client through each stage of their campaign journey on ways to continually improve the performance to ensure that we are always achieving the best possible results.

Jade's Story

Jade has always had a love for learning, whether it was in achieving her own Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Bachelor of Laws, and Masters in Applied Digital Marketing, or even teaching English as a second language in Vietnam and online to students in China. This love of learning has driven her to always want to know more about the world around her, including the work she does for businesses and their paid advertising. She is incredibly passionate about seeking out the right data to help her tell a story with a business’s ads, helping them land in the lap of someone who is searching for that exact solution.

Jade’s pursuit for knowledge has also taken her all over the world. While born and raised on the Gold Coast, she has travelled far and wide, even calling Melbourne, Vietnam and Canada home for periods of time over the last decade. As an outgoing person, she has met and worked with people of all walks of life, which has helped her be able to adapt ads and marketing strategies to suit people based on their actual needs, not just what is initially perceived of them.

It’s safe to say, while Jade has a passion for all things data and travel, she also has a creative and empathetic side that makes her a joy to speak with. She loves music, whether that’s through collecting records or catching a live gig, and loves spending quality time with her elderly fur baby, Romeo. Jade is a wealth of knowledge in so many areas that can help businesses in a unique and outside-of-the-box way.

What is a paid ads strategist?

A paid ads strategist specialises in discovering the most effective way to utilise paid advertising, like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Meta Ads and more, to help achieve a specific goal. They will research, develop, execute, monitor and optimise ads to help see an increase in results over time in line with the business’s needs.

Paid ads can have many goals, including increasing brand awareness, traffic to a website, calls to a business, generating interest in an event, promotion or products, and more. A paid ads strategist’s job is to help align the right goal to the business’s objectives, and create campaigns to drive results.

Jade's Top Specialities

Paid Ads Strategy
Lead Generation Optimisation
Landing Page Optimisation
Landing Page UX
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Campaign Management

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